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Hoveround Launches New ‘How To’ Video Series to Help Answer Technical Questions About Its Mobility Solution Products

Hoveround has launched a new “Care and Repair Series” to help its clients with technical questions they may have regarding its various mobility solution products. The first four videos in the series are available online at https://www.hoveround.com/Video-Library.

Sarasota, FL—When it comes to using high-tech ways to communicate with potential customers as well as current clients, Hoveround has worked hard to stay ahead of the multi-media curve. Nowhere is that more evident than in a series of “how to” videos the company has installed on its website at https://www.hoveround.com/Video-Library.
“The videos were created to educate our Tech Support reps and clients on how to repair Hoveround equipment,” Jim Kruse, Hoveround’s Chief Operating Officer said. “The first four videos and transcripts are available on our website.”
The new “Hoveround Care and Repair Series” is designed to answer questions clients may have. The high-quality, professionally produced videos are scripted, straightforward, and sensible, designed specifically to help customers in a practical way.
Here are the titles, followed by the time-length in parenthesis:
MPV5 Battery Replacement” (3:24)
8 Bar Flash Error Code” (1:31)
Teknique Power Chair Series—Battery Replacement” (2:46)
MPV5 Drive Tire Replacement” (2:37)
The Technical Support videos are meant for “informational purposes only.” Each is accompanied by a transcript. Customers are encouraged to use the videos in conjunction with their owner's manuals. They can also call 1-800-96-HOVER for additional assistance.
The “Hoveround Care and Repair Series” comes on the heels of a new DVD detailing the company’s latest products and how they help change people’s lives. The video illustrates the company’s mission by sharing stories about real people whose lives have been transformed through the life-changing mobility offered by its products. It can be viewed online at https://www.hoveround.com/dvd-2016.
“After viewing this video, you will clearly see what Hoveround can do for you—and why more people choose Hoveround than any other power chair,” said president and company founder Tom Kruse. “We’ll show you why Hoveround is the best choice for your mobility needs.”
Kruse, a nurse at the time he started Hoveround, had noticed that most power chairs were really just manual wheelchairs with motors on them.
“They were big and bulky,” he said. “They didn’t maneuver well, and didn’t really provide the accommodation people needed in their home to go to the places where they used to walk.”
Kruse knew that if he could find a way to build a power chair that was small enough to go where people normally walk, it would change lives.
“That’s why I tell people that Hoveround was designed Round for a Reason®,” he explains. The round design and unique wheel configuration employs a small footprint that makes Hoveround exceptionally maneuverable.
For more about more about America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs, visit www.hoveround.com. To follow Hoveround on social media, visit twitter.com/hoveround or www.facebook.com/hoveround.

About Hoveround Corporation: 

Hoveround Corporation is dedicated to providing the highest quality mobility solutions, such as power wheelchairs and scooters, which greatly improve the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility. It is the largest power wheelchair manufacturer that delivers directly to the customer, and every Hoveround power wheelchair is custom assembled in the USA.