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Power & Electric Wheelchairs

Choosing the Right Power Wheelchair For You

Hoveround offers both standard and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs and each is designed with a tight turning radius and improved durability for daily use, unlike devices such as the mobility scooter. This provides users of power wheelchairs with uniquely improved mobility and freedom inside and outside of their homes. With this extra agility, you can easily maneuver through a tight space or narrow corner — without having to worry about potentially damaging your walls or furniture. Not sure which chair is right for you? These articles may help: How to Choose the Right Motorized Wheelchair and Choosing the Right Electric Wheelchair.


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Hoveround Mobility Solutions offers complex rehab technology Hoveround Mobility Solutions offers complex rehab technology
Power & Electric Wheelchairs

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Our Teknique line offers heavy duty power wheelchairs for many different needs: up to 300 pounds, from 300 to 450 pounds, and from 450 to 600 pounds. Please read our article on Bariatric Power Wheelchair Options for more detailed information about our heavy duty power wheelchairs designed to accomodate bariatric mobility needs.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

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