Power Chairs

What is a Power Wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs (also called power chairs) offer exceptional maneuverability through narrow spaces and around tight corners, making them the ideal solution for getting around both inside and outside of your home. A power wheelchair also allows you to pull close to tables, counters and other work surfaces to accomplish daily activities and live independently in your home. Power wheelchairs are prescribed by physicians for users who require full-time mobility assistance to accomplish daily activities in their home, and are also available for rent or purchase by anyone who would benefit from the renewed freedom and mobility a powered wheel chair provides.

  1. Power wheelchairs from Hoveround include this popular LX5 Power Wheelchair
    Hoveround LX-5 Power Wheelchair
    As low as $2,595.00
  2. MPV5 Power Wheelchair Front Quarter Right View
    Hoveround MPV5 Power Wheelchair
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  3. Hoveround has several heavy duty electric wheelchairs for sale. This Teknique FWD power chair is one of our heavy duty power wheelchairs
    FWD Power Wheelchair
  4. This Teknique XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with 23" Seat is an excellent heavy duty power chair option for users up to 450 pounds.
    XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
  5. The HD6 Bariatric Power Wheelchair with 25" Seat is a heavy duty power wheelchair with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.
    HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair