Power & Electric Wheelchairs

Choosing the Right Power Wheelchair For You

Hoveround offers both standard and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs and each is designed with a tight turning radius and improved durability for daily use, unlike devices such as the mobility scooter. This provides users of power wheelchairs with uniquely improved mobility and freedom inside and outside of their homes. With this extra agility, you can easily maneuver through a tight space or narrow corner — without having to worry about potentially damaging your walls or furniture. Not sure which chair is right for you? These articles may help: How to Choose the Right Motorized Wheelchair and Choosing the Right Electric Wheelchair.

  1. Power wheelchairs from Hoveround include this popular LX5 Power Wheelchair / Power Chair
    Hoveround LX-5 Power Wheelchair
    As low as $2,595.00
    The LX-5 is our newest model and features Hoveround's Round for a Reason design, making it perfect for tight turns and narrow spaces.
  2. MPV5 Power Wheelchair Front Quarter Right View
    Hoveround MPV5 Power Wheelchair
    Call to Purchase
    Looking for the most maneuverable power wheelchair? Only available through insurance, our MPV5 is our most popular chair.
  3. Hoveround has several heavy duty electric wheelchairs for sale. This Teknique FWD power chair is one of our heavy duty power wheelchairs
    FWD Power Wheelchair
    The FWD is one of our most robust and durable electric wheelchairs and part of our Teknique® series of heavy-duty power wheelchairs.
  4. This Teknique XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with 23" Seat is an excellent heavy duty power chair option for users up to 450 pounds.
    XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
    The Teknique XHD is a heavy-duty bariatric power wheelchair that supports up to 450 pounds with added support and comfort.
  5. The HD6 Bariatric Power Wheelchair with 25" Seat is a heavy duty power wheelchair with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.
    HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair
    The Teknique HD6 is our heaviest duty bariatric electric wheelchair with a wider seat and the capability to support up to 600 pounds.
  6. The LiteRider Envy lightweight electric wheelchair with a red finish
    Envy Electric Wheelchair
    Designed with end-users and caregivers in mind, this electric wheelchair is lightweight for easy disassembly and transport.
  7. The Cricket foldable, portable electric wheelchair in a black finish
    Cricket Portable Electric Wheelchair

What Is a Power Wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs (often known as power wheelchairs or simply power chairs) offer exceptional maneuverability throughout the inside and outside of your home. From narrow spaces to tight corners, an electric wheelchair ensures top-of-the-line mobility for increased independence. A power wheelchair also allows you to pull close to tables, counters and other work surfaces to accomplish daily activities and move hassle-free within your home. Power wheelchairs can be prescribed by physicians for users who require full-time mobility assistance. They can also be purchased or rented by anyone who would benefit from the increased support and comfort that an electric wheelchair provides. Explore our range of power wheelchairs and discover the perfect fit for renewed freedom and mobility for you or your loved one.

Power wheelchairs can make a large difference in the lives of those with limited mobility, especially when compared with other mobility device solutions (e.g. scooters or non-motorized, manual wheelchairs). Electric wheelchairs are incredibly helpful as they are battery powered rather than using manual power, and can be maneuvered with an easy-to-use joystick.

Standard Power Wheelchairs

A standard Hoveround power wheelchair is built with a 300-pound weight capacity. This standard support allows users improved independence and fully functional mobility throughout the inside and outside of their homes.

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Some users may need a power wheelchair that can support a higher weight capacity — without sacrificing mobility. That’s where Hoveround’s heavy-duty electric wheelchairs enter the picture. Both the XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair and HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair are designed for optimal comfort and functionality so that you or your loved one can experience a well-balanced range of motion and independence.

Electric Wheelchair Comfort & Functionality

Comfort and functionality are both equally important for users as mobility — especially since most motorized wheelchair users rely on their devices for the majority of their day. Hoveround understands this, which is why each of our electric wheelchairs includes customizable, adjustable armrests and custom contoured innerspring seats. Depending on your location, your power wheelchair can be delivered and assembled by an expert technician who can adjust the chair for you. Users can also choose to order a power chair with a reclining seat for increased support and adjustability.

Electric Wheelchair FAQs

How Do I Buy a Power Wheelchair from Hoveround?

All of our electric wheelchairs can be purchased directly through our above product listings. Additionally, under Medicare coverage guidelines, power wheelchairs are covered if they are medically necessary for you to perform daily living activities in your home that can't be performed using a cane, walker, manually operated wheelchair or a mobility scooter.

Our team is happy to help you find the mobility solution that's right for you. We can also see if insurance can help with the cost.

How Is Shipping Handled?

Delivery along with in-home training by Hoveround employees (Hoveround White Glove Delivery) is included when your electric wheelchair is purchased through Medicare and/or private insurance. When purchasing online, standard shipping fees apply, and White Glove Delivery is available for an additional cost.

What Is Hoveround's Warranty Policy?

Hoveround is committed to quality and customer care. All of our power chairs are custom assembled at our factory in Sarasota, Florida and we are Joint Commission accredited. If you have any questions about your warranty, please call our Technical Support team at 1-800-96-HOVER (1-800-964-6837).

What Is Hoveround's Return Policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, most products can be returned within 30 days to qualify or a refund. For hygienic purposes, some products are non-returnable and non-refundable, and for custom manufactured equipment including stairlifts and vertical platform lifts, certain restrictions apply.

For more detailed questions and answers about Hoveround and our mobility solutions, take a look at all of our Frequently Asked Questions.

How Much is a Hoveround?

Our current lineup of Hoveround electric wheelchairs run from $2,595 to $4,395 and up depending on which model and accessories you choose. However 9 out of 10 people get their Hoveround power wheelchair for little to nothing. Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses for a power wheelchair depends on medical necessity as determined by your insurer and requires a valid doctor’s prescription.