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Overview for Physicians


This section of our website is for Physicians and other health care professionals, and contains the tools and information needed to simplify the power mobility prescription process.

What's the process for evaluating and prescribing power mobility products?

male health care professionalmale health care professional

Step 1: Conduct Mobility Exam

Your patient will need to schedule a mobility examination visit with you so you can determine if they are in medical need of a power mobility device such as a Hoveround electric wheelchair. This must be a face-to-face office visit.

During the visit, you must conduct a mobility examination to evaluate your patient’s mobility limitations and needs based upon Medicare Coverage Criteria to determine if your patient’s quality of life would improve by using a power mobility device. (click here for a copy of the requirements).

You will also be able to determine which type of mobility product would best fit your patient's physical needs. If you prescribe a power wheelchair, your patient moves on to the next step in the approval process.

In addition to a physical assessment, several questions must be considered and the answers documented in the patient's chart notes, during this visit to determine if a medical need is present for your patient. For more details on those questions, read nine questions to determine your patient's mobility needs

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Step 2: Writing a Prescription

Once you've determined from the face-to-face mobility examination that your patient's mobility needs would best be served with a power wheelchair, you'll need to provide supporting documentation within 45 days of the mobility examination, including a 7-element written order, mobility examination chart note, 6 months of historical and any other supporting medical documentation. For details on the specific information that needs to be provided, read more about prescribing mobility products.

hoveround paperworkhoveround paperwork

Step 3: Hoveround Begins Paperwork

Once we receive your mobility assessment and recommendation, Hoveround's Mobility Specialists will begin the necessary Medicare, Medicaid and/or Hoveround-accepted private insurance paperwork1 and submit the forms on your patient's behalf. We will then follow up with any and all providers, as needed.


hoveround deliveryhoveround delivery

Step 4: Delivery & Training

Once approved, we will deliver a Hoveround power wheelchair directly to your patient’s home.2 At this time, a Hoveround Mobility Specialist will adjust your patient’s power chair to their body for a more comfortable and supportive fit. Then, our Mobility Specialist will walk your patient through in-depth training on how to use their new mobility product. In addition, every Hoveround includes our “Never Without Wheels Guarantee.”³


1Insurance coverage depends on medical necessity as determined by insurer. Valid doctor's prescription required.

2Delivery along with in-home training by Hoveround employees (Hoveround White Glove Delivery) is included when the mobility equipment is purchased through Medicare and/or private insurance. When paying by credit card, standard shipping is free and White Glove Delivery is available for an additional cost.

3Free temporary replacement equipment applies to factory mechanical defects only. Restrictions apply.

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