Hoveround Mobility Solutions

Hoveround provides superior mobility and home access solutions to enhance your freedom, independence and quality of life. Whether you’re in need of one of Hoveround’s award-winning power chairs, best-in-class stairlifts, or simply a wheelchair ramp or accessory, we are dedicated to helping you get the mobility equipment you need to live independently and safely age-in-place. If you have any questions, just give us a call and one of our Mobility Specialists will be happy to help!

  1. MPV5 Power Wheelchair Front Quarter Right View
    Hoveround MPV5 Power Wheelchair
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    Looking for the most maneuverable power wheelchair? Only available through insurance, our MPV5 is our most popular chair.
  2. Power wheelchairs from Hoveround include this popular LX5 Power Wheelchair / Power Chair
    Hoveround LX-5 Power Wheelchair
    As low as $2,595.00
    The LX-5 is our newest model and features Hoveround's Round for a Reason design, making it perfect for tight turns and narrow spaces.
  3. Hoveround has several heavy duty electric wheelchairs for sale. This Teknique FWD power chair is one of our heavy duty power wheelchairs
    FWD Power Wheelchair
    The FWD is one of our most robust and durable electric wheelchairs and part of our Teknique® series of heavy-duty power wheelchairs.
  4. This Teknique XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with 23" Seat is an excellent heavy duty power chair option for users up to 450 pounds.
    XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
    The Teknique XHD is a heavy-duty bariatric power wheelchair that supports up to 450 pounds with added support and comfort.
  5. The HD6 Bariatric Power Wheelchair with 25" Seat is a heavy duty power wheelchair with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.
    HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair
    The Teknique HD6 is our heaviest duty bariatric electric wheelchair with a wider seat and the capability to support up to 600 pounds.
  6. HoverLift power wheelchair lift
    HOVERLIFT for Vehicles
  7. stair chair lift, stair lift
    H1100 Straight Stairlift
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  8. H1000 Stair Lift
    H1000 Stair Lift
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  9. H950 Stair Lift
    H950 Stair Lift
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  10. Simplicity Plus stair lift from Hoveround
    H950+ Stair Lift
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  11. Twin Rail H2000 Stair Lift
    Twin Rail H2000 Stair Lift
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  12. Twin Rail 2000 Outdoor Stair Lift
    Twin Rail 2000 Outdoor Stair Lift
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  13. Pinnacle Stair Lift
    Pinnacle Stair Lift
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  14. Pinnacle Heavy Duty Stair Lift
    Pinnacle Heavy Duty Stair Lift
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  15. The Sierra Wheelchair Lift is a platform lift designed to serve as a wheelchair stair lift.
    Sierra Wheelchair Platform Lift
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  16. Single-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp
    Single-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp
  17. Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp
    Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramp
  18. 10in Threshold Ramp on Entry Door
    Threshold Wheelchair Ramp
  19. HoverCover for Power Chairs
    HoverCover for Power Chairs
  20. Among lightweight mobility scooters and compact mobility scooters, the Scout 3 wheel costs less than many competing mobility scooters
    Scout 3-Wheel Travel Scooter
  21. A Scout 4 wheel mobility scooter like this red one can be an excellent travel scooter option
    Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter
  22. The Cobra is a high end 4 wheel mobility scooter often used as a medical scooter or elderly scooter, and just one of the many options Hoveround has to choose from.
    Cobra 4-Wheel Luxury Scooter
  23. Ventura deluxe 3 wheel mobility scooter and medical scooter
    Ventura Deluxe 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter
  24. This Ventura deluxe 4 wheel mobility scooter is an excellent elderly scooter or medical scooter option
    Ventura Deluxe 4-Wheel Scooter
  25. A Phoenix heavy duty mobility scooter is another travel scooter or medical scooter option
    Phoenix 3-Wheel Heavy Duty Travel Scooter
  26. A four wheeled scooter like this Scout is one of several 4 wheel mobility scooters that can help with day to day mobility or as a handy travel scooter
    Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Travel Scooter
  27. One of our four wheel mobility scooters, the Panther heavy duty scooter with a red finish and a captain's chair is a great choice from among heavy duty mobility scooters.
    Panther 4-Wheel Scooter
  28. Power Wheelchair Cup  Holder
    Power Wheelchair Cup Holder
  29. Hoveround Side Tote Bag
    Hoveround Side Tote Bag
  30. Power Wheelchair Battery Charger
    Power Wheelchair Battery Charger
  31. Yellow Ball Knob
    Yellow Ball Knob
  32. Power Wheelchair Safety Flag
    Power Wheelchair Safety Flag
  33. Hoveround MPV5 batteries can also serve as replacement wheelchair batteries for other battery powered wheelchairs.
    Replacement Electric Wheelchair Batteries
  34. Flat-Free Power Wheelchair Tires
    Flat-Free Power Wheelchair Tires
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  35. Hoveround Backpack
    Hoveround Backpack
  36. MPV5 red panels on patio
    MPV5 Red Signature Series Color Panels
  37. Hoveround with blue panels in the living room
    MPV5 Blue Signature Series Color Panels
  38. Round Oxygen Tank Holder
    Round Oxygen Tank Holder
  39. Square Oxygen Tank Holder
    Square Oxygen Tank Holder
  40. Power Wheelchair Walker Holder
    Power Wheelchair Walker Holder
  41. Power Wheelchair Cane Holder
    Power Wheelchair Cane Holder
  42. Power Wheelchair Crutch Holder
    Power Wheelchair Crutch Holder
  43. Bellavita Bath Lift
    Bellavita Bath Lift
  44. Clamp-on Tub Rail
    Clamp-on Tub Rail
  45. Free Standing Toilet Safety Rail
    Free Standing Toilet Safety Rail
  46. Premium Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms
    Premium Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Arms
  47. Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle
    Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist Handle
  48. Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table
    Deluxe Tilt-Top Overbed Table
  49. Guardian Safety Pole
    Guardian Safety Pole
  50. Home Bed Assist Rail
    Home Bed Assist Rail
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  51. Non-Tilt Overbed Table
    Non-Tilt Overbed Table
  52. Mobility Scooter Armrest Bag
    Mobility Scooter Armrest Bag
  53. Power Scooter Drink Holder
    Power Scooter Drink Holder
  54. Power Chair Manuals
    Power Chair Manuals
  55. Accessory Convenience Kit
    Accessory Convenience Kit
  56. PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Ramp
    PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Ramp
    As low as $825.00
  57. Freecurve Stair Lift
    Freecurve Stair Lift
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