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The Hoveround Story


It started with a vision...

"Let’s build a power wheelchair that can go anywhere someone can walk."
Tom Kruse, Founder and President of HoveroundTom Kruse, Founder and President of Hoveround

Tom Kruse,

And Hoveround founder Tom Kruse saw this vision come to life. Hoveround power chairs can easily maneuver in the tight spaces other power chairs and scooters just can’t, allowing users the freedom to live independently and stay in their homes.

After over 28 years, Hoveround Corporation has become the largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of the most maneuverable, reliable, and compact power chairs available in the United States. The company’s mission — to improve the quality of life for people with restricted mobility — continues unchanged to this day.

Hoveround’s continued success stems from what Kruse calls our “Model of Total Responsibility"

  • We are 100% accountable for the quality and reliability of our products
  • We control the manufacture, design, delivery, and service of all Hoveround power chairs
  • We focus our complete attention on serving the mobility needs of our clients
  • We are committed to providing state-of-the-art innovations and best-in-class service
  • We are never satisfied and continually research new and better ways to enhance the quality of life of our clients so that they may have the means to fuller, richer experiences through improved mobility

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