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Teknique Power Chair Battery Replacement


Hoveround Care and Repair Series


The following video is a part of the Hoveround Care and Repair series. This video is meant for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to perform these tasks unless you can do them safely. Please consult your owner's manual for additional safety features or call 800-964-6837 (800-96-HOVER) for additional assistance.

Throughout this video, you will see this graphic appear whenever special caution is needed for your safety. Please pay particular attention when you see this displayed. Batteries contain sulfuric acid and lead. Use extreme caution when handling batteries. To prevent burn injury, use proper protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses or goggles, when handling batteries. Never attempt to open a sealed battery.

When handling and/or working with batteries, do not allow metal objects such as tools, jewelry, trunk lids or tool boxes to touch the battery terminals, as it can cause explosive sparks or fire. Batteries emit explosive gas. Do not smoke or have an open flame around the batteries. Operate your power wheelchair in well-ventilated areas only. Never use a battery that has been frozen or might have been frozen.

Do not connect any devices, medical or otherwise, to the batteries or electrical system, except those supplied by Hoveround. Always use batteries of the same type and capacity for this power wheelchair. Always dispose of batteries in accordance with EPA regulations. You can order electric wheelchair replacement batteries online, but if you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support department at 800-96-HOVER.

Use a 9/16-inch socket wrench to loosen the two back mounting bolts about two turns and completely remove the two front mounting bolts. Lift the front of the seat, tilt it back, and set it on an obstacle such as a block for support to remove the base cover bolt and the base cover. Remove the hardware from both batteries. Remove the batteries from the base unit. Reinstall the battery cable mounting hardware. Reinstall the cover and fastening hardware. Tilt the seat back into place and reinstall the two front mounting bolts and retighten the back two bolts.

If you need further assistance, please contact Hoveround Technical Support by dialing 1-800-96-HOVER. That's 1-800-964-6837.