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HoverGlide Stair Lift Commercial


Hoveround Informational Series

TOM: Hi, I’m Tom Kruse, founder of Hoveround. These are difficult times, and they’re even harder if you’re having mobility issues. You know us for our round, super comfortable and ultra maneuverable power wheelchairs. Now we’ve developed a way for you to be safer and more comfortable, giving you the freedom to stay in your own home for life.

ANNCR: Introducing the HoverGlide family of products, the revolutionary new stair lifts from Hoveround, that deliver the reliability, comfort and style you expect from Hoveround. The HoverGlide can keep you safe and avoid the risk of a serious fall. And no more painful steps, so you can keep using every room.

TESTIMONIAL: Hoverglide would have made it easier for my parents to stay in their home. They would have been able to go up and down the stairs to go to bed at night.

ANNCR: Call or go online now for more information. Our H1100 has the slimmest rail on the market, and delivers a quiet, smooth and safe ride. Installation takes less than 2 hours and there’s no drilling into walls or any structural changes to your home.

HENRY: “I can’t recommend it strongly enough. Hoveround will make a big difference in the quality of your life”.

ANNCR: There are stairlifts for straight or curved stairs, indoors or outdoors. And they come in a variety of styles and colors. Hoveround is trusted by over 300,000 satisfied customers and we offer Nationwide service!

TOM: Rest assured, we follow strict CDC guidelines, wearing gloves and masks at all times in your home.

PAT: Doing business with Hoveround was a real pleasure; I would recommend it to anyone.

ANNCR: And, enjoy peace of mind with a limited lifetime warranty.

TOM: You deserve to stay in your own home, while being safe and comfortable. Call, Don’t fall.

ANNCR: Call or go online now for more information regarding our Stair Lifts or mobility chairs. They are very affordable and low monthly payments are available.

TOM: Whether you’re having trouble getting around or going up and down. Hoveround has a solution to keep you safe and in your home. Plus, I personally guarantee you’ll be happy with your HoverGlide and our service.

PAT: “Give them a call. I think you’ll be glad you did.”

ANNCR: Call 1-800-709-5747. That’s 1-800-709-5747 or visit Hoveround.com/stairlifts now.