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MPV5 Drive Tire Replacement

Hoveround Care and Repair series


The following video is part of the Hoveround Care and Repair series. This video is meant for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to perform these tasks unless you can do them safely. Please consult your owner's manual for additional safety features or call 1-800-96-HOVER for additional assistance. Throughout this video, you will see this graphic appear whenever special caution is needed for your safety. Please pay particular attention when you see this displayed.

Drive tire replacement for an MPV5 Hoveround. First, ensure that the power is turned off and the brakes are locked in the up position before attempting service. Do not disassemble the rim. The tire is under pressure and injury may occur if the rims separate under pressure. Tilt or lift the Hoveround and place a wooden block or something similar under the frame. The chair is heavy so you may need help to perform this act safely. Using a flat bed screw driver, remove the wheel cap. Next, use a three quarter inch socket to remove the lock nut and washers. Once the hardware has been removed, pull the tire straight off.

Use caution around the notch on the motor shaft as it has sharp edges. The key may be stuck in either the shaft notch or the tire notch. Be sure to remove the key for a future step. Install a new backing washer and slide the tire into the drive shaft. Give it a spin to determine that the tire is all the way on the shaft. Align the tire notch with the shaft notch so you can insert the key.

Always double check to make sure the key is in place. Failure to install the key may result in unintended movement of the power chair. Install the hub washer and Nyloc nut. Please note, there may be more than one hub washer, depending on the Hoveround model. Tighten the nut to secure the tire. There should be, at least, one or two full threads exposed on the motor shaft when tight. Remove the block and place the chair on a level surface before turning the power on.

If you need further assistance, please contact Hoveround technical support by dialing 1-800-96-HOVER, that's 1-800-964-6837.