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Hoveround Power Chair Commercial from 2020


Hoveround Informational Series

ANNCR: If you’re living with limited mobility, here’s a personal invitation from the inventor of Hoveround, Mr. Tom Kruse.

TOM: Home. It’s everything. It’s your safe haven… the place you belong. If you’ve tried everything – canes, walkers, manual wheelchairs… even if you’ve been in a power chair for years – I invite you to call and experience the Hoveround difference. It could make all the difference for you.

ANNCR: There is a difference. Hoveround’s patented round design gets you through the tightest doors and hallways. Hoveround’s service network gets you going, and keeps you going. And Remember, Hoveround may be covered by your health insurance. Call today for your free mobility consultation and DVD.

TOM: Get back to doing the things you love – in your home or anywhere you want. We’ll make it happen. You have my word on it.

ANNCR: Hoveround will work with your doctor and insurance so you receive the benefits you deserve. Call now. 1-888-258-4435. That’s 1-888-258-4435 or visit Hoveround.com today.