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Electric Wheelchairs: Choose the Right One

Electric wheelchairs and electric wheelchair scooters are available in several different models. Learn which may be the best electric wheelchair for you.

The Hoveround LX5 electric wheelchair with a blue motor coverFor those with limited mobility or underlying health conditions that make it difficult to be on your feet for long periods of time, one of ours dependable and comfortable electric wheelchairs, also called a powerchair or powered wheelchair, can make a world of difference. Yet, with so many models and brands on the market, it can feel overwhelming to figure out which electric wheelchair is the right fit for you or your loved one.

Founded over 28 years ago, Hoveround is the largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of electric wheelchairs in the U.S. We invest significant time and effort to help all customers, especially those who use Medicare and many third-party insurance companies. We also offer related products, including several types of mobility scooters and one-of-a-kind mobility accessories. Notably, many products can also be purchased directly through the Hoveround website.

The FWD electric wheelchair is a heavy duty power chair that handles up to 300 poundsThe Difference Between Hoveround Models

Each user has their own unique needs and wants that should be considered before purchasing an electric wheelchair online. To ensure you make the right purchase, take time to understand the unique features and benefits of each of the electric wheelchairs that we offer.

Many brands will claim they have the “best options” on the market, but the fact is that the “best electric wheelchair” can only be determined by how well it fits your specific needs. Read on to discover which model might check all the right mobility, weight, functionality, comfort and price boxes for you or your loved one.

LX5 Power Wheelchair

The LX-5 Power Wheelchair is our most recent electric wheelchair with our top-of-the-line Round for a Reason® design. This design optimizes our power chairs for tight turns and narrow spaces, which makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Users can enjoy a 12-mile round trip battery range with up to a 300-pound weight capacity.1The MPV5 power chair is our most popular electric wheelchair, only available through insurance

FWD Power Wheelchair

The FWD Power Wheelchair is one-of-a-kind as the most maneuverable electric wheelchair in our heavy-duty Teknique series. Built to be compact and maneuverable, it has a weight capacity limit of 300 pounds. With increased stability and high ground clearance, this power chair can also perform well on uneven terrain, and still provides a 12-mile battery range for longer use.

MPV5 Power Wheelchair

The Hoveround MPV5 Power Wheelchair is our best-selling model for insurance coverage. Along with the LX5, it features our unique Round for a Reason® design, which ensures easy navigation through tight space and around narrow corners — without damaging walls or furniture. It also provides a 300 pound weight capacity and offers a 12-mile battery range for extended use.

The XHD electric wheelchair is a heavy duty power chair that can handle up to 450 poundsXHD Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

The XHD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is a bariatric power wheelchair that supports up to 450 pounds and includes a wider seat for extra comfort. It also has a 15-mile battery range for extended use. Additionally, users can opt for a reclining seat upgrade for even more comfort and support.

HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

The HD6 Bariatric Electric Wheelchair is the heaviest-duty bariatric electric wheelchair that we offer, providing a 600-pound weight capacity. It also includes a comfortable extra-wide seat and powerful 75 amp batteries. This model is built to handle prolonged use with a 15-mile battery range.

Key Hoveround Benefits

The HD6 is a heavy duty bariatric electric wheelchair that can handle up to 600 poundsManeuverability: Hoveround electric wheelchairs can be used indoors and outdoors with an extremely mobile turning radius between 22.7 and 24 inches. This allows for seamless practical use, such as turning around in narrow hallways and living areas.

Full Service: Hoveround produces, sells, distributes and services all of its electric wheelchairs. We even offer White Glove delivery service that includes personalized setup and user training when your electric wheelchair is purchased through Medicare and/or private insurance.2

Insurance Eligibility: Hoveround electric wheelchairs can be obtained through many insurance providers, including Medicare, when medically necessary as determined by your insurer and prescribed by a doctor.


The ideal electric wheelchair is different for each customer depending on their unique needs and wants. The key to finding the perfect match? Understanding what each model has to offer and why Hoveround strives to build the most dependable and comfortable electric wheelchairs on the market. Once you find a model that hits every checkbox for your needs, from mobility to comfort to price to insurance eligibility, it’s time to take the leap and purchase the perfect electric wheelchair — for you!

Call a Mobility Specialist at 800-542-7236, or shop the Hoveround motorized electric wheelchair store online now!

1Speed and range depend on terrain, grade and rider’s weight.

2When purchased by cash or credit card, White Glove Delivery is available for an additional cost. Not available in all locations.

June 30, 2022