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Today’s advanced power mobility scooters go beyond the capabilities of walkers, canes or manual wheelchairs to provide independence, convenience and comfort. These electric scooters maneuver on a range of terrains and conditions making it easier to manage errands and enjoy outings with family and friends. Not only are they convenient, motorized scooters are fun to drive!
Hoveround’s wide selection ensures that you can find the power scooter that fits you and your lifestyle. Choose from small, travel scooters, all-terrain mobility scooters, luxury power scooters, three-wheel or four-wheel mobility scooters,  and heavy duty, bariatric scooters. 

Driving a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are easily steered using bicycle-like handlebars mounted on a post called a tiller while you sit comfortably on a plush seat with backrest and armrests. Steering requires that your arms be outstretched, with the upper body fully erect while driving, which requires some upper body strength, arm reach, and range of motion, so keep that in mind when deciding if a scooter is right for you.
A mobility scooter, even the smallest, usually requires more room to maneuver than a power or manual wheelchair so they are primarily designed for outdoor use. When using your scooter outdoors, always obey local ordinances, keep safety in mind at all times, and consult your city's department of transportation or government with any questions you may have.

 Differences between a Mobility Scooter and a Power Chair

Your lifestyle and medical needs determine the mobility product best for you. The chart below shows some distinctions between a mobility scooter and power chair.

Mobility Scooter Power Chair
Longer, lower design with center seating Smaller, compact size
Operates with a tiller for bicycle-like steering Operated via joystick on the armrest (or mouth or other body parts)
Longer size with a broad turn radius provides stability on many terrains

Smaller turn radius, maneuverable through hallways and around corners.
Ideal for part-time or occasional use Primarily prescribed for those who need full-time mobility assistance
Used mainly outdoors for comfort and convenience

Used indoors and outdoors for those needing full-time assistance

Usually purchased out-of-pocket by individuals for use part-time and outdoors. Often covered by Medicare, Medicare and private insurance if deemed medically necessary and with valid doctor’s prescription.

Also see Hoveround’s Mobility Solutions Comparison Chart to compare and determine your best mobility solution.
Hoveround offers a wide range of Power Scooters to ensure that you can find one that best fits your needs.

Three-Wheel Power Scooters
Three-wheel power scooters have a much tighter turning radius than four-wheel models. Models range from small, portable travel scooters to more robust and luxury models. See Three-Wheel Power Scooter models.

4-Wheel Power Scooters
Four-wheel mobility scooters are sturdier than most three-wheel scooters; they are available in models that range from small, portable travel scooters to more robust luxury models. See Four-Wheel Power Scooter models.

Lightweight /Travel Scooters
Travel scooters are more lightweight and portable. They are designed for easy disassembly /reassembly (without tools!) that allows easy loading into a vehicle. Ideal for staying on the go, they come in 3 and 4-wheel models. See Travel Scooter models.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters
Heavy-duty power scooters feature larger air-filled tires, higher ground clearances, greater range, and higher top speeds which make them the best mobility solution for longer, outdoor use. HD come in travel, standard and luxury models in weight capacities ranging from 350-500 lbs.
See Heavy-Duty Power Scooter models.    

Scooter Accessories 
Scooter accessories offer extra convenience, enhance, or help maintain your scooter. They include everything from drink holders to storage for groceries or other items, dust covers, ramps, scooter trailer and more. See accessories here.

Power Scooter Models & Categories.
Click on the model name for more specifics on its features and specifications including weight capacities, dimensions, portability, typical range, average speed, ground clearance, turn radius, and more.

Click on the category for the list of all models in that category.

MODELS Travel /
Three-Wheel Four-Wheel Heavy-Duty
Deluxe /

Spitfire Scout 3-Wheel


Spitfire EX 3-Wheel Travel Scooter 


Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Travel Scooter


Spitfire EX 4-Wheel Travel Scooter


Phoenix 3-Wheel Heavy-Duty 

Travel Scooter 

Phoenix 4-Wheel 
Travel Scooter

Ventura 3-Wheel Scooter 

Ventura Deluxe 
3-Wheel Scooter 

Ventura 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter 

Ventura Deluxe 4-Wheel Scooter        
Prowler 4-Wheel HD Scooter
Available in Standard, Travel & Luxury Versions

Cobra 4-Wheel Luxury HD Power Scooter  
Available in Standard, Travel & Luxury Versions

See our Power Scooter Articles for more help in selecting your best scooter. You’ll also find suggestions to keep you safer on your travels, tips for cleaning and maintaining your scooter, and troubleshooting tips.

See Affordable Power Scooter Choices

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*Insurance coverage depends on medical necessity as determined by the insurer. Valid doctor’s prescription is required.

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