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Three Wheel Mobility Scooters

Three-wheel power scooters provide users with the mobility and freedom they deserve. Three-wheel mobility scooters have a much tighter turning radius that the four-wheel models. With sizes ranging from small, portable travel scooters, to more robust and luxury models, you are sure to find the 3 wheel scooter just right for you. And, you can purchase right online now!



Explore new Mobility Options with Three-Wheel Scooters

A majority of private residences and suburban residential neighborhoods in America are not built to accommodate the needs of those less mobile (as few as 1 percent of American homes according to one recent Harvard report). Scooters can help overcome some of the obstacles that many Americans face in their own home and neighborhoods.

Hoveround offers 3-wheel scooters as one alternative to losing independence that should still be in your hands. Every three-wheel scooter is predominantly for outdoor use and the features of the many model designs available can address your personal needs and preferences. Explore the 3-wheel scooter choices for built-in baskets, anti-tipping features, non-marking tires, seat adjustability, ease-of-use drive controls, and many other factors that can make your 3-wheel scooter perfect for your individual mobility requirements.

Every 3-wheel scooter is also listed with specifications you’ll want to know, such as weight capacity, average speeds, turning radius, total unit weight (for transport, lift, and ramp use purposes), as well as model-specific details unique for particular designs.

Don’t let the obstacles of your own home (or neighborhood) limit your freedom; explore the entire range of alternatives that 3-wheel, 4-wheel, travel, all-terrain, and bariatric scooters can provide.

Hoveround offers free scooter consultation and professional help to make your decision simple.