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The Hoveround Mission

  • To design, manufacture and distribute the most innovative and complete line of personal mobility vehicles in the world.
  • To always remember that quality comes first and that reliability is our primary goal.
  • To remain committed to quality care and to understand that only through ongoing training and performance improvement can we achieve our goals.
  • To work closely with the health care community to ensure that we demonstrate, evaluate and provide appropriate equipment and training to our customers.
  • To monitor, understand and effectively communicate to Hoveround employees all current laws, rules and regulations that affect our business and industry.
  • To constantly stay abreast of any changes that affect our business and to ensure that we always stay in strict compliance and in good standing as a corporation.
  • To always maintain a safe and healthy environment for all employees at Hoveround. The work atmosphere should always promote individuality and creativity with the understanding that only through the sharing of ideas and teamwork can we succeed.

Model of Responsibility

"If you want the best product, you need to make it yourself."

Hoveround still lives by this creed today, as Hoveround units are still customized right here in Sarasota, Florida. We ensure the highest quality that way!