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Power Wheelchair Safety Tips

Power Wheelchair Safety Tips

Congratulations on your decision to get a power wheelchair for mobility assistance! You're now well on your way to regaining your independence and improving the quality of your life.

With Hoveround, you can rest assured that your power chair will be delivered by a mobility specialist who will provide personalized, step-by-step safety training on the use of your chair. Keep reading for a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you prepare to learn how to use your new power chair.

Power Wheelchair Safety Guidelines

Upon delivery, your Hoveround mobility specialist will help you become familiar with all the physical features of your power chair. Our knowledgeable specialist will be able to answer all your questions, so don't hesitate to ask any question you may have, and be sure to take the time to follow these safety tips.

Review the Owner's Manual

A Hoveround mobility specialist explains wheelchair safety tips to a new ownerExplore your power wheelchair manual page by page, and be sure to review specifics with the mobility specialist while he or she is at your home on delivery day.

Learn Safe Power Wheelchair Operation

Your Hoveround mobility specialist will give you hands-on training on the safe operation of your power wheelchair in your home. The specialist will work with you and make any adjustments necessary to ensure you are completely comfortable and confident in using your chair throughout the rooms within your home.

Turn the Power Off

Our mobility specialist will also instruct you to always turn the power control off when your chair is not in use. For safety reasons, Hoveround suggests you keep the power off when transferring into and out of your power wheelchair, and whenever you are re-charging the battery.

Fasten Your Seat Belt

Hoveround's mobility specialist will advise you to never operate your chair without first fastening your seat belt. Although this seems basic, always remember that the seat belt is necessary for safe power wheelchair use and is intended to protect you against accidental falls and serious injury.

Keep the Battery Fully Charged

Your power wheelchair battery should be fully charged at all times. Hoveround strongly recommends charging the battery every night, especially if you use your chair continually throughout the day.

Travel Outdoors Cautiously

A power wheelchair from Hoveround is sturdy enough for outdoor use. If you choose to experience your greater mobility outside, operate your power chair only on flat, smooth-surfaces such as paved pedestrian walks, and avoid heavily trafficked roadways and intersections. Even if you use a flag so others can see you more easily, it is best never to take your power wheelchair outside when visibility is poor, at night, or during bad weather.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

Now that you've regained your mobility, don't lose it again. Keep your power wheelchair in safe, good working condition with daily maintenance and weekly safety inspections. Do your part to make sure your power chair stays clean, dry, and free from dust buildup. And, make it a routine practice to check all movable parts for corrosion and/or excessive wear.

For anything requiring extensive repair, always contact the manufacturer. Hoveround is a full-service company and personally services its own power wheelchairs. Our customers have access to in-home mobility service for as long as they have their power chair.1 If necessary, Hoveround will provide a temporary replacement power chair while your own chair is being repaired.2

We're always here to provide more information about power wheelchair safety and our full-service customer support. Our mobility specialists are waiting to assist you. For service questions, call 1-800-96-HOVER.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the individualized training and expert instruction provided by a mobility product specialist.

1Service restrictions apply. Call for details.

2Free temporary replacement equipment applies to factory mechanical defects only. Restrictions apply. Call for details.

May 7, 2020