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Instructions for Daily Power Wheelchair Care

June 19, 2012

All power wheelchairs need to be cared for on a regular basis to keep the chair working safely.

Here are a few simple routines to ensure consistently reliable operation.

Important Power Wheelchair Maintenance Tasks

Two Sealed AGM Batteries A clean, dry, fully charged and  well-maintained power wheelchair is vital to problem-free mobility and help to reduce the need for costly repairs.

Daily cleaning and weekly power wheelchair checks are important. In fact, they are so essential, that if the power chair user is unable to accomplish the following daily actions, a family member or other caregiver should perform the maintenance tasks instead.

Daily Power Chair Care

  • Make certain the seat belt latches securely
    • If it doesn't, or if there are rips or tears in the fabric, get a replacement belt.
  • Test drive tires on the chair
    • Each drive tire should move and roll easily. Clear away anything that prevents the wheel from turning.
  • Charge batteries overnight, every night
    • Power chair batteries should be charged to capacity each night in order to maintain optimal power and maximum battery life. 

Important Safety Note

Make certain the power wheelchair batteries disconnected before checking or handling any moveable parts.For additional instructions on safe maintenance routines, refer to the power wheelchair Owner's Manual.

In the event your power chair is not working correctly or your seat belt does not latch or stay latched, call 1-800-96-HOVER right away. Hoveround service technicians are waiting to provide the necessary assistance for staying mobile and remaining independent.


This article is for informational purposes only.

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