Power Wheelchairs Articles

Electric Wheelchairs for Rent: The Benefits

Power wheelchair rentals from Hoveround is a convenient option for many in need of a short term mobility solution.

Wheelchair with Motor - The Electric Motor

An electric wheelchair motor provides the power that's needed to get a power chair going and keep it humming along.

Top 10 Power Wheelchair Accessories - Part 1

Here's a list of power chairs accessories that offer mobility-challenged loved ones the means to achieve greater independence.

Power Wheelchair Cushions for Relief

Discover the skin health benefits of Hoveround's wheelchair cushions for pressure sore relief.

Power Chair Totes & Backpacks: 2 Handy Accessories

Power wheelchair tote bags and rear-mounted backpacks conveniently carry personal items all day, every day.

Power Wheelchair Positioning Aids

In this article we outline the many different types of wheelchair positioning aids that we offer. 

5 Ways Hoveround Makes Mobility Easier

Hoveround lets you keep your independence even when mobility becomes difficult.

4 Great Things About Wheelchair Car Lifts

Wheelchair car lifts securely store power chairs on the outside of most motor vehicles.

Power Chair Rental: Cost-Savings for Caregivers

Find out if power wheechair rental is a good option for your loved one's mobility.