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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheelchairs

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchair users require accurate information about maintaining their mobility equipment. This includes battery care, battery maintenance, and knowing how to charge the power chair batteries.

Typical replacement power wheelchair batteries

Hoveround contributes to this by:

  • Including a power chair manual with every Hoveround chair.
  • Having repair specialists available by phone at 1-800-96-HOVER.
  • Providing answers to frequently asked questions, such as below.

How long will it take to fully charge a power chair battery?

It usually takes around 8 hours for power wheelchair batteries to reach a full charge. However, brand new batteries might require 10 hours or more of charging.

A Hoveround power wheelchair battery charger

Hoveround power chairs should only be charged using the portable Hoveround Multi-Stage Battery Charger. This charger is specifically designed to deliver the correct amount of charge without risk of overcharge.

How long will a full battery charge last?

Fully-charged batteries can be expected to hold a charge for several hours, with a potential range of approximately 10 to 20 miles. But, there are additional factors that impact the length of time a battery will sustain its power.

  • Type of batteries installed: Sealed, lead acid batteries are preferable.
  • Age of batteries: Batteries over 18 months old may need to be replaced.
  • Environment where chair is used: Terrain and grade impacts power drain.
  • Weight of the rider: Rider's weight can affect the battery power.

Is there any way to know when the battery charge is running low?

The joystick controller that makes the MPV5 so easy to operate

Power wheelchairs are equipped with battery gauge lights, located on the surface of the joystick controller. These indicator lights will show the battery charge strength and will flash to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

Hoveround recommends using a multi-stage battery charger overnight and after every day of normal use to maintain the most optimal level of battery charge. When the chair is not being used, the battery should be kept as fully charged as possible. This will help extend the life of the batteries.

How long does an electric wheelchair battery last?

While there are many variables to consider, a set of new power chair batteries should last a minimum of six months, with a potential lifespan of 1 year or longer. However, if batteries begin to lose power quickly, experience a decrease in range, or suffer damage, the time may be right for power wheelchair replacement batteries.

Contact Hoveround at 1-800-96-HOVER for assistance with any battery problem. Arrangements might be made to evaluate and, if needed, replace the electric wheelchair batteries.

1In-home service calls may not be required for battery replacement. Contact Hoveround for details.

This article is intended for general informational purposes only.

1 In-home service calls may not be required for battery replacement. Contact Hoveround for details.

This article is intended for general informational purposes only.

November 28, 2013