Power Wheelchairs Articles

Get to know the important parts that go into any electric wheelchair.

5 Basic Power Wheelchair Parts

Get to know the parts all power wheelchairs share, and learn what makes a power chair a power chair.
The Teknique HD-6 bariatric power wheelchair accomodates up to 600 pounds.

Bariatric Power Wheelchair Options

Bariatric patients sometimes believe that their body type will prevent them from finding a power wheelchair that meets their specific needs. Fortunately, that's not the case.
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Is it Time for a Hoveround Power Wheelchair?

Struggling with mobility? These three questions will help you decide if it's time for a Hoveround power wheelchair.
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Personal Mobility: How to Choose the Right Device

Deciding whether to invest in a wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter can be confusing -- but with these guidelines, you'll be able to choose which personal mobility vehicle is right for you.
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5 Ways Hoveround Makes Mobility Easier

Hoveround lets you keep your independence even when mobility becomes difficult.
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Reasons Why Hoveround is Different than Other Power Chairs and Scooters

Learn more about why Hoveround is different and how those differences beat the competition.
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4 Great Things About Wheelchair Car Lifts

Wheelchair car lifts securely store power chairs on the outside of most motor vehicles.
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Power Chair Rental: Cost-Savings for Caregivers

Find out if power wheechair rental is a good option for your loved one's mobility.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Wheelchairs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about electric wheelchair batteries.