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The Teknique HD-6 bariatric power wheelchair accommodates up to 600 pounds

Bariatric Power Wheelchair Options

Bariatric patients sometimes believe that their body type will prevent them from finding a power wheelchair that meets their specific needs. Fortunately, that's not the case.
HoverLift Power Chair Lift with an MPV5 Power Chair on board

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Vehicle Power Chair Lift

Rear-mounted power chair lifts for your vehicle will transport your power wheelchair without taking up any space in your car!

Get to know the important parts that go into electric wheelchairs (electronic wheelchairs)

5 Basic Parts to Electric Wheelchairs

Get to know the parts all electric wheelchairs share, and learn what makes a motorized wheelchair a power chair.

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Top 10 Power Wheelchair Accessories - Part 2

The top ten list continues with 5 more quality power wheelchair accessories to complement a loved one's improved mobility.
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How Hoveround Is Different From Other Power Chairs and Scooters

Learn more about why Hoveround is different and how those differences beat the competition.
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Personal Mobility: How to Choose the Right Device

Deciding whether to invest in a wheelchair, power wheelchair or mobility scooter can be confusing, but with these guidelines you'll be able to choose which personal mobility solution is right for you.

Hoveround power wheelchair safety tips icon

Power Wheelchair Safety Tips

Safeguard your renewed mobility by learning how to properly use and maintain your power chair. Hoveround will show you how.
Some wheelchair maintenance can be done without a tech

Daily Power Wheelchair Maintenance

Daily maintenance tips that will help your power wheelchair operate reliably.

Hoveround technicians deliver our electric wheelchairs for rent

Electric Wheelchairs for Rent: The Benefits

Power wheelchair rentals from Hoveround is a convenient option for many.