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A 3 wheel mobility scooter vs. a 4 wheel mobility scooter

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

3-wheel and 4-wheel mobility scooters benefit mobility for indoor use or outdoor use. Which is best for you? Find out here.

A man riiding his mobility scooter by the beach

Weight Capacity for Mobility Scooters

Height and weight are important when choosing a mobility scooter. Here's how to find the right scooter for you.
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Mobility Scooters Designed for Baby Boomers

Motorized scooters for aging baby boomers will help you keep on truckin'
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The Best Mobility Scooters for Airline Travel

These portable scooters were made for flying. Take your mobility scooter with you on your plane trip.
A power wheelchair can help you regain your mobility

Is It Time for a Hoveround Power Wheelchair?

How much easier would your life be with something to help regain your mobility? is it time for a Hoveround power wheelchair? Here are three questions to help you decide.

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6 Signs Your Town is Mobility Scooter-Friendly

Are mobility scooters welcomed in your community? Here's how to know.
The price of a senior scooter like this one can vary widely

Senior Scooters: How Much Does a Mobility Scooter Cost?

Mobility scooters at prices you can afford. Shop Hoveround for a wide varety of scooters and buy online now.
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Captain's Seats + Motorized Scooters = Luxurious Mobility!

Combining style & comfort, Captain's Seats on motorized scooters provide extra support while enhancing mobility.
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Four Top Reasons to Choose a 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

4-wheel travel scooters offer several advantages. Here are four of them.