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Hoveround Introduces a New Nationwide Patient Referral Program For Physicians

In an effort to simplify interaction between doctors and patients, Hoveround has introduced a comprehensive kit that makes it easier to gather key information during a mobility examination. The kit also streamlines the evaluation process for a suitable mobility solution.

Sarasota, FL—In the same way its power chairs help navigate tight corners and narrow spaces in life’s corridors, Hoveround has introduced a new patient referral program that makes it easier for doctors to identify and gather essential information about a patient during an examination to determine a suitable mobility solution.

The kit’s documentation, charts and checklist simplify communication between doctors and patients and also help ensure insurance requirements are properly evaluated and assessed during the mobility examination.

“It’s our mission at Hoveround to help people with limited mobility,” said founder and president Tom Kruse. “Hoveround has been in the business of providing mobility solutions nationwide for over 23 years.”

During that time, Hoveround has become the largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of the most maneuverable, reliable, and compact power chairs available in the United States. An important aspect of the company’s mission is helping make sure that the mobility examination not only addresses the payor’s medical necessity guidelines, but also syncs patients up with the proper product

“Fitting a Hoveround Power Chair to a patient’s specifications is an important step in maintaining their comfort and well-being,” said Kruse, a former nurse, who founded the company in 1992. “Our kit helps assist doctors, staff and patients with selecting the items available to build a Hoveround Power Chair.”

The referral kit, which is made available to physicians at no charge, contains important guidelines that make it easier for doctors to gather valuable information about a patient’s condition—while at the same time helping patients properly pass along pertinent details to caregivers and healthcare providers.

Here’s how Hoveround’s clients describe the result:

“What I love most is I can just go, and I am not stopped.” — Cheryl, Milwaukee, WI
“Independence is important to me, and now I have mine back.” — Martha, San Antonio, TX
“You don’t have to give up living because you lost your legs.” Wayne, Barnegat, NJ

Hoveround manufactures a full line of quality power chairs and an array of mobility accessories. Its Round for a Reason® Design offers a narrow, rounded front, that allows users to turn corners easily and navigate small spaces, without damaging walls, furniture, or the power chair itself.

Additional information about Hoveround, its products and how it helps facilitate the power mobility prescription process is available at www.hoveround.com/physicians-and-healthcare-providers.

What steps are involved in that process?

Step 1: Conduct Mobility Examination.
Step 2: Writing a prescription.
Step 3: Hoveround begins paperwork.
Step 4: Delivery and Training.

Patients are encouraged to pick up a Hoveround brochure from their doctor’s office. If their doctor has not yet received a referral kit, one can be obtained by calling, toll-free, 800-375-7047.

For more about America’s largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs, visit https://www.hoveround.com. To follow Hoveround on social media, go to https://twitter.com/hoveround or https://www.facebook.com/Hoveround.


Hoveround Corp. is dedicated to providing the highest quality mobility solutions, such as power wheelchairs and scooters, which greatly improve the quality of life for individuals with limited mobility. It is the largest power wheelchair manufacturer that delivers directly to the customer, and every Hoveround power wheelchair is custom assembled in the USA.