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Four-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Four-wheel mobility scooters are sturdier than most three-wheel scooters and provide the mobility and independence you deserve. 4 wheel scooters come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any need. There are small, portable travel scooters, and more robust luxury models so you are sure to find the four-wheel scooter just right for you. And, you can purchase right online now!

Four-Wheel Scooters open Mobility Options for You

America is universally seen as being synonymous with freedom and independence. Our affinity for the open road is undeniable and there are few other situations that can impede that spirit as much as facing a mobility obstacle.

Hoveround understands that obstacle and continues to offer free consultations and professional advice for deciding your best options to maintain or regain your freedom and independence.

4-wheel scooters are a sturdy, reliable, and popular choice for many people.

Innovative design features — captain’s chair comforts, non-marking tires, review mirrors, built-in baskets, flat-free tires, anti-tip wheels for greater safety, adjustable steering tiller angles, and ranges up to 35 miles — all make the selection of four-wheel scooters varied and versatile for the demands of each individual.

Every 4-wheel scooter is listed with specifications and features that you want to know before purchasing. Weight capacities, speeds, ground clearances, turn radiuses, total unit weight (for ramp use, lift safety, and carrier information), and many other model specifications are listed clearly and succinctly for your reference to help you choose the correct four-wheel scooter.

Our list of scooters extends beyond the 4-wheel; explore the entire range of alternatives including the 3-wheel, travel, all-terrain, and bariatric scooters.