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Medicare & Insurance Articles

A typical 4 wheel motorized scooter

Does Medicare Part B Cover Motorized Scooters?

Medicare coverage for motorized scooters requires a diagnosis, a prescription and the ability to use the scooter inside the home.

Elderly gentleman struggles to get up from chair for his mobility exam

Understanding The Face-to-Face Mobility Examination

Learning more about the face-to-face mobility exam required by Medicare can help take the confusion out of the power wheelchair process.
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Medicare's 5 Year Power Chair Replacement Rule

Medicare may provide for the replacement of a power wheelchair, but only under certain rules.
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Which Power Chair Accessories Will Medicare Cover?

Here are some facts about power chair accessories and possible Medicare reimbursement.
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5 Truths About Medicare, Healthcare Reform and Power Chair Rentals

Medicare still pays for power chairs, but healthcare reform has changed a few things.
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Medicare Wheelchair Benefit: Power or Manual

Clarification on the clinical criteria Medicare uses to determine approval for either a power wheelchair or a manual chair.
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Medicare Power Chair Coverage: The Role of Mobility Specialists

Mobility specialists are directly involved in making the Medicare power chair process easier.