Home Safety Articles

The Importance of Power Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Training

Instruction and training on using your power wheelchair or mobility scooter will help keep you safe while staying mobile.

Tips for Using a Wheelchair Ramp Safely

Wheelchair ramps can be portable or permanent, but all should be used securely and safely.

Bath Lifts: Guidelines for Safer, Easy Use

Follow these easy tips for the safe use of a bathtub lift.

5 Benefits of a Bath Seat Lift

Learn about the many benefits provided by a battery-powered HOVERLIFT for baths.

Extending Accessibility with Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Lightweight yet sturdy, transportable wheelchair ramps are a convenient solution to many accessibility challenges.

15 Helpful Power Wheelchair Home Modifications

Here are some simple ways to create a more wheelchair accessible home.

Home Safety for the Elderly: Keeping Loved Ones Safe and Independent

If given the choice, a majority of seniors would opt to live safely in their own homes as they age. Here are some tips to help make that happen.

12 Tips for Preventing Elderly Falls

Hoveround believes most falls can be avoided by making specific changes in the home, and if needed, by making use of power mobility.