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Technical Support Articles

Hoveround technician helping an elderly man with his Hoverouns

Power Wheelchair Troubleshooting

Learn how to troubleshoot your Hoveround power wheelchair so you can save service calls for major problems only.
A 3 wheel mobility scooter fully disassembled

How to Disassemble Your Mobility Scooter for Easier Travel

Travel scooters are easy to disassemble. Learn to prepare your portable scooter for transport.
Get to know the important parts that go into any electric wheelchair.

5 Basic Power Wheelchair Parts

Get to know the parts all power wheelchairs share, and learn what makes a power chair a power chair.
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Power Chair Repair FAQ's

A collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions about power wheelchair service and repair questions.
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Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Motorized Scooters

Keep your mobility by keeping your power scooter well-maintained.
A typical charger for a power wheelchair

Troubleshooting Power Mobility Battery Chargers

How to safely and successfully troubleshoot a battery charger for your power wheelchair or mobility scooter.
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Mobility Scooters & Low-Power Battery Problems

Low power battery problems with your motorized scooter? Read here for insight.
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5 Essential Tips for Safe Battery Charger Use

Here are five tips that explain how to use a battery charger safely and effectively.
A hand holding a bolt of electricity to highlight battery charger issues

Common Battery Charger Issues

All about common problems with battery chargers and what to do about them.