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How to Charge Power Wheelchair Batteries

December 19, 2012

Power wheelchair batteries are the "life blood" of power mobility. They provide the electricity needed by the motor in order for the power chair to function.

Hoveround replacement batteries

If the batteries are not maintained at a consistent, full charge, the joys of renewed mobility may be put on hold until the batteries are powered up again, or until replacement power wheelchair batteries can be obtained.

Below, Hoveround offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for the proper and safest way to charge power chair batteries. Contact Hoveround Technical Support at 1-800-96-HOVER (1-800-964-6837) for more specific information on power chair batteries and service.

Q: How should power chair batteries be charged?

First, read the power wheelchair manual thoroughly, and follow all instructions and necessary precautions.

  • The Hoveround power wheelchair battery charger is only to be used for Hoveround power chair batteries and never on any other piece of equipment.
  • For safety, find a cool, dry and well-ventilated area for charging.
  • With the charger and the joystick both turned "OFF", secure the charger to the power chair charger port  (located under the joystick controller).
  • Plug the cord into a 120-volt grounded outlet and turn the charger "ON"
  • A green indicator light means the batteries are fully charged. It is now safe to switch the charger "OFF" and to unplug everything.

When the batteries fail to hold their charge, it may be time to replace them. Contact a technical support professional at 1-800-96-HOVER for assistance.

Always choose Hoveround as your Supplier of Choice for the correct replacement batteries that will ensure the best possible performance of your Hoveround power wheelchair.


This article is for general educational purposes only. Please contact Hoveround directly for information about individual equipment needs.

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