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The Cricket Portable Electric Wheelchair is built to be stylish, agile, easily foldable and extremely portable, with a weight as low as 33 pounds.


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Cricket Portable Electric Wheelchair

A Very Portable Electric Wheelchair

The long awaited Stride Foldable Electric Wheelchair was designed to get you where you want to go in comfort and style! The Stride is a stylish foldable power wheelchair featuring a two-tone grey and black seat with a removable cushion and a tall back for extra comfort when you are on the go. The modern-looking front and back comfort spring suspension is what adds to the surprisingly smooth ride. And the sporty design of the Stride foldable electric wheelchair is perfect for navigating both indoors and out whether you are sightseeing, shopping, or dining. This portable folding power chair is lightweight due to its aluminum frame, and it stows quite easily in your trunk or storage area. The Stride weighs in as low as 52.6 pounds when disassembled with the battery, joystick, cushion and bag removed.

The Stride Folding Electric Wheelchair is an excellent choice to take on road trips, cruise ships and airplanes. It features a  joystick designed to make everyday tasks such as pulling up to a table or maneuvering through a doorway easier. It has an impressive 47.2” turning radius and offers a 265 pound weight capacity. The Stride provides a maximum speed of 3.7 mph, and an operating range of up to 9.3 miles on airline-approved 10AH 24V lithium-ion batteries. It also offers convenient off-board charging and folds effortlessly for transport.

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Length 36.6 inches Operating Range 9.3 miles
Width 22.5 inches Turning Radius 22 inches
Front Tire 7 inches Batteries 12 AH 24 volt Li-Ion
Rear Tire 8.5 inches Weight w/ Batteries 39.3 pounds
Rear Anti-Tip Wheels 2 inches Warranty - Batteries 1 year
Weight Capacity 300 pounds Warranty - Drive Train 13 months
Maximum Speed 3.7 MPH Warranty - Electrical 13 months
Ground Clearance 2.6 inches Warranty - Frame 5 years

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“It’s more than a power wheelchair for the Hoveround staff, it’s serving our customers and their families.”