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Hoveround Power Wheelchair Accessories

Hoveround is your complete mobility solutions company. We have a variety of power wheelchair and scooter accessories to make your renewed mobility even more complete! You can conveniently buy what you need online now or call us at 800-308-9295 for assistance.

Complete your Hoveround Power Chair with Accessories

Hoveround’s unique, Round for a Reason® design and power wheelchair capabilities enable an expansive range of mobility — both inside and outside. This means your Hoveround will be taking you into scenarios where having the right accessory at the right time can enhance the independence you have.

No matter the situation — from morning coffee to storing your Hoveround at the end of the day — we gladly provide power chair accessories that you will use every day.

The Hoveround backpack and side tote bag enable hands-free operation of your Hoveround power chair while expanding storage options for your belongings. Travel mugs and cup holders keep your hot or cold beverages with you no matter where you go. The HoverCover fits snuggly over Hoveround power wheelchairs for protection from the elements, dust, and debris — keeping the power chair cleaner and maintaining it for the long haul.

Hoveround’s power wheelchairs will take you further, so let our accessories get you there with all the comfort you deserve.

Don’t forget to browse our full line of mobility accessories, positioning aids, scooter accessories, and other optional parts. Hoveround offers convenient consultation and help to keep you active, mobile, and independent.