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Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps play a vital and complementary role in your renewed mobility by increasing the accessibility of your home and surroundings in a Hoveround power wheelchair or mobility scooter.  And, you can buy online now!  Every ramp we sell provides the maximum in stability and support for your power mobility vehicle. Choose among our selection of easy-to-install threshold ramps, single & trifold ramps to find the one that’s right for your specific needs. Read this article about choosing the right wheelchair ramp.

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Increase your Accessibility with Wheelchair Ramps from Hoveround

Stability, support, width, traction, and the recommended rise-to-length ratio should all play an important role in your decision process when purchasing a wheelchair ramp for access to your home.

Hoveround also provides select wheelchair ramps that can offer access to vehicles. Be sure to add a top lip extension, or TLE, and account for the ramp’s portability and size when shopping for vehicle use ramps.

Whether the wheelchair ramp you seek is for a threshold, a set of steps, a raised landing, or a vehicle, Hoveround has ensured that all the ramps we offer are designed with maximum traction in-mind.

The stability of your wheelchair ramp will depend on the surfaces to which your ramp is secured and you should always inspect these surfaces for appropriate use (e.g., level and even ground, contact points that are free of debris, etc.). Since the stability of a wheelchair ramp helps to ensure the safety of the users, visual and physical inspection of the ramp’s deployment and assembly is vital before each use.

It is important to remember all the factors when calculating the weight that your wheelchair ramp will need to support. This should include you, your mobility device, motorized equipment, caregiver weight, and any additional relevant items. At no time should a ramp ever exceed its rated support weight.

The width of the ramp you select is one of the most important factors and one that personal preference should adhere to. Testing your comfort when maneuvering in a tight space should help you understand the decision you should be looking at — keeping in mind to never go below the suggested width.

Wheelchair ramps offer wonderful mobility solutions but individual needs, preferences, and circumstances should always be considered before purchasing your ramp. Hoveround offers free consultation and help so you can maintain your mobility independence.

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