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The HoverGlide H1100 straight stairlift features next-generation technology with an ultra-streamlined design that takes up less space on your stairs.  

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H1100 Straight Stairlift

Regain Your Independence With a HoverGlide Stair Lift!

The HoverGlide H1100 Straight Stairlift will conquer your struggle with staircases using next-generation technology and an ultra-streamlined design that takes up less space on your stairs. The Patented Multi-Drive System will ensure your stair lift is operating at peak levels at all times with no reduction in performance ever. In the unlikely event of a motor issue, you have 3 others to transport you safely to the top or bottom of the stairs.

The H1100 stairlift has eliminated the traditional tooth rack model and replaced it with a revolutionary Friction Drive System. With no gear rack, you will enjoy a quieter, smoother, more robust stairlift that’s easier to maintain. And the contemporary design allows the H1100 to blend into any environment, becoming a complementary piece in your home.

HoverGlide  H1100 Stair Lift Features

  • Patented Multi-Drive technology
  • Slim profile of 12.6 inches to footplate when folded
  • Minimal track intrusion of as little as 6.3 inches from wall
  • Continuous charging function charges anywhere on track
  • Four brush heads constantly sweep away dust and hair from rail
  • Swivel seat at upper landing for easy and safe entry and exit
  • Upgradable to powered swivel and powered footrest options
  • Safety sensors immediately stop the lift if anything is detected in its path
  • Easy professional installation in as little as 1 hour

HoverGlide H1100 Stair Lift Specifications

  • Weight capacity: 309 pounds (140 kg)
  • Folded width: 12.6 inches
  • Track intrusion into staircase: 6.3 inches
  • Electrical requirements: 115 VAC
  • Operation power: 24V DC battery
  • Incline limits: 30 to 50 degrees
  • Drive system: Multi-Drive Friction System
  • Track (rail) type: Extruded aluminum

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“It’s more than a power wheelchair for the Hoveround staff, it’s serving our customers and their families.”