The Foot Defender Offloading Boot utilizes the latest advances in biomechanical engineering, modern footwear design, and patented manufacturing techniques to create a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and difficult to heal foot wounds. Please refer to the sizing chart before you order.

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Foot Defender Wound Care Boot

Many foot wounds require proper offloading in order to heal. Shoes are ineffective and can no longer be the standard of care. Foot Defender combines a clinically proven design that reduces force with game-changing aesthetics for greater compliance. And if you qualify for insurance coverage of your Foot Defender Wound Care Boot you could get one for little to nothing out of pocket. If you think your insurance may cover this, please give us a call at 800-542-7236 now. And be sure to check the sizing chart below before placing your order.

Don't Use Shoes to Treat Foot Ulcers

Foot wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) need the reduction of weight bearing forces to heal quickly and properly. Studies show that shoes, even prescription and surgical shoes, do not relieve enough pressure for DFUs and other types of foot wounds to heal. Do not leave the doctor's office in anything but a Foot Defender Offloading Boot. 

Peak plantar force comparison of PSI on the forefoot:

The Foot Defender Brings Meticulous Design

Compare the Foot Defender to other wound care boots commonly recommended to offload DFUs and the difference is clear.

The Foot Defender Brings Superior Functionality

Insole pressure map tests were performed using three subjects walking on a treadmill at 1.5mph, with a 4% grade. The second set of pressure maps are measuring peak pressures while standing for 30 seconds.

The results show significantly less pressure to the bottom of the foot when using the Foot Defender® compared to other devices tested. The Foot Defender’s combination of purpose-built design, engineering and attention to the need for comfort, ease of use, and style will encourage consistent usage and improve outcomes.

Walking (average maximum pressure)

3 minutes on a treadmill at 1.5 mph and a 4% grade for a male weighing 200 pounds with a size 12 foot.

Comparision of Foot Defender pressure while walkingComparision of Foot Defender pressure while walking

Standing/Static (average maximum pressure)

200 pound male with a size 12 shoe standing for 30 seconds.

Comparision of Foot Defender pressure while standingComparision of Foot Defender pressure while standing

Does Foot Defender Really Work? 

YES! Click here to see a few real life case studies that show how effectively the Foot Defender heals wounds.

Sizing Chart


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