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Product Features

Flat-Free Power Wheelchair Tire Features

  • Flat-free tires, filled with polyurethane foam so they will never need air
  • High-quality, durable power wheelchair tire replacement
  • Light gray color, non-skid wheelchair tires
  • Available for most Hoveround power chair models
  • Hardware included

Commonly Asked Questions

Question:How can I tell if my fuse is blown on my Hoveround power chair?
Answer:If your Hoveround will not turn on when the battery charger is connected and the power chair is turned on, the fuse may likely be blown.  Please call our service department at 800-96-HOVER (46837) for assistance.
Question:Does Hoveround send a technician out to my house every time a service issue arises?
Answer:For services that require the skills of a factory trained technician, Hoveround will dispatch a technician to your home.  On service orders that are simple installations, Hoveround will ship parts to you with step-by-step instructions and all tools required for installation.
Question:Do you have local repair shops that can fix my Hoveround equipment?
Answer:For services that require a factory-trained service technician, there is no need to worry.  Hoveround has warehouses and fully-stocked service vans throughout most of the United States that can assist with repairs right in your own home.  For service that is simple installation, we will ship you the required parts with written instructions for repair.