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Power wheelchair tires that are foam-filled, durable and flat-free

*Price may vary based on availability, size / model, configuration, or additional options, and are subject to change without notice. Price shown does not reflect applicable sales tax, service or shipping fees. Cash pricing is not valid for insurance reimbursement.

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These power wheelchair tires are puncture-proof, foam-filled and flat-free. They are among the most durable power chair replacement tires available today, made with the quality you've come to expect from a Hoveround product. Now you can enjoy peace of mind and remain mobile at all times with a set of flat-free power wheelchair tires.

Please Note: ?Price listed is for a single wheelchair tire, however it is always recommended to replace both drive tires simultaneously. Mixing and matching of air-filled and flat-free tires on your power wheelchair, or new and old flat-free tires, may result in the power chair pulling to the left or right due to uneven tire diameters.

Power Wheelchair Flat-Free Tire Features

  • Flat-free tires, filled with polyurethane foam so they will never need air
  • High-quality, durable power wheelchair tire replacement
  • Light gray color, non-skid wheelchair tires
  • Available for most Hoveround power chair models
  • Hardware included
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