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Mobility Solutions

older man in Hoveround Power Chair with young girlFor over 22 years, Hoveround has helped over 200,000 people regain their independence and freedom by providing the best mobility solutions. We understand how incredibly important regaining mobility is to remanining independent. In addition to our suite of Hoveround power chairs, we also offer a full line of mobility scooters, an array of power chair and scooter accessories, wheelchair ramps for better access, and lifts for your power wheelchair or scooter so you can take them on the road with you! Whatever your mobility needs, Hoveround has the solution to keep you safe, mobile and independent.

Power Chair & Mobility Scooter - Which is Right for Me?

Two of the most frequently asked questions are:

   "What is the difference between a power chair and a motorized mobility scooter?"
   "How do you know which one is best for you?"

The answer may vary based on your circumstances and needs. Our Mobility Solutions Comparison Chart compares a Hoveround power chair and a power mobility scooter to help you make the best decision. You can also call and speak with one of our helpful Mobility Specialists for assistance. Call us today at 800-542-7236 to get started now!