The Wayne King Hoveround Story

Hoveround Customer Spotlight series


Wayne: Before my accident, I was a professional pilot. I also drove racing boats. My accident was in the year 2000.

Linda: They had flown down South and he called me, saying they're leaving shortly, and I said, "Fine, when you get to the air park here, locally, just call me."

Wayne: Unfortunately, there was something wrong with the engine. We got to the end of the field, we pulled the plane back and humped up over the trees, and we just about made it when we stalled, and instead of gliding in, we came down straight.

Linda: Then, of course, the phone rings and it's not the phone call you were expecting.

Glenn: Your heart just stops. You don't know. You just praying he's still alive.

Linda: And then the doctor told me that he would never walk again.

Tracy: I didn't know if he would want to live that way.

Linda: My major concern was that he would not be able to be active because I felt that, for him, that would have been a fate worse than death.

Wayne: Oh, it's made my life so much easier. I can do things with my grandchildren. What you have done for handicapped people is unbelievable. There isn't anything that I can't really do since I'm sitting in the Hoveround that I did before. Now, I can't climb Mount Everest, but I never even wanted to climb Mount Everest.

Woman: There you go.

Wayne: You have a group of people that work for you that are very, very good, especially the technicians. In the year 2000, right before Christmas, now this is Christmas week, everybody's busy, he came out, right to my house, got me in the chair, so I was in the Hoveround for Christmas. Best Christmas present I ever got.

Man: Isn't that wonderful?

Wayne: Best Christmas present I ever got.

Man: Isn't that wonderful?

Linda: We've been married 47 years...

Wayne: Or some.

Linda: And Wayne's been a paraplegic for 11 of the last years.

Wayne: Before Hoveround, getting around the home was not as easy, it was difficult. It was an effort to get around and do things. I'd usually go park in a corner and stay there, read a book or watch TV. When Hoveround came around, it made it so much easier. I can go places and do things that I really couldn't do comfortably.

Linda: Ready to lose all your money?

Wayne: You don't really have to give up living because you don't have your legs. Hoveround replaced the legs. Joey, hi! Hoveround makes you independent. There isn't anything I can't say I can't do from my Hoveround. You can get in small places. You can go in the kitchen if your wife lets you. Hoveround is one of the most fantastic ways of getting around. My life has been so much better since I got the Hoveround. I've got seven grandchildren and they're all active, and I can be just as active with them.

Nicolas: He can do everything that a regular person can do and it's just an easier life for him with the Hoveround.

Linda: Because of the Hoveround, thank God, my husband is living the most happiest and fulfilled life.

Wayne: I had lived a full life, and I'm still living it because of Hoveround. Give me a map, point me to a new adventure, and Hoveround will get me there.

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