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Navigating The Medicare Process for Power Wheelchairs

Navigating through the Medicare reimbursement process for power wheelchairs can be confusing and time-consuming. We're hoping to ease some of the frustration with information about the Medicare reimbursement process.

Hoveround Dedicated Mobility Specialists for Power Wheelchairs

Our dedicated team works to assist you through the entire Medicare process. This ensures you quickly receive the best-suited chair for your mobility and lifestyle needs. We are experienced with Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance approval processes and can expertly guide you through a speedy approval.

Our Mobility Specialists:

  • Work with you and your doctor to assist in obtaining the required Medicare paperwork.
  • Submit and track the Medicare / insurance paperwork.

Medicare may cover 80% of your Hoveround Motorized Wheelchair*

For 25 years, no other motorized wheelchair manufacturer has provided more Medicare-reimbursed power chairs directly to their customers than Hoveround. There are no “middle-men” involved. If you pre-qualify, Medicare may cover 80 percent of the cost of your Hoveround power wheelchair, and your supplemental insurance may cover the remaining 20 percent. In fact, 9 out of 10 Hoveround owners received their Hoveround chair at little or no cost.

*Insurance coverage depends on medical necessity as determined by insurer. Valid doctor’s prescription required.