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Attention Medicare Clients

Medicare has recently changed the coverage policy for repairs. If you have Medicare benefits and want to use those benefits to pay for repairs on your power wheelchair or scooter your doctor must provide Hoveround with medical documentation from your patient chart notes documenting your continued use and medical need of your equipment.

If you choose to use your Medicare benefits to pay for the repairs, then Hoveround will not be able to provide service on your power wheelchair or scooter until this documentation is received from your physician’s office.

You may have the option of paying privately to avoid repair delays. Please ask about this option when speaking with our service agent.

Call our service number, 800-96HOVER, with any questions so we can help guide you through this policy update.

Please note that your physician must provide new medical documentation about the continued medical necessity and continued use of your power wheelchair or scooter every 12 months, so please remind your doctor to make note of your medical need and use of your power wheelchair or scooter at each and every office visit.