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HOVERGlide® Stair Lifts Provide More Freedom!

Do you or a loved have difficulty going up and down the stairs of your home? Do you have a fear of falling down the stairs? Hoveround has been the leader in personal mobility and fall prevention for over 22 years.  With our HOVERGlide® family of stair lifts, you can safely and comfortably remain in the home you know and love. Our HOVERGlide stair lifts come in a variety of models, so whether you need a straight, curved, heavy-duty, or outdoor stair lift, we have the the best solutions for you. Find out more now and call our Mobility Specialists today at 800-542-7236 for a free home safety consultation.

Improve your Home Safety with a HOVERGlide Stair Lift from Hoveround

The first recorded installation of a stair lift to improve a home’s safety was at Whitehall Palace in London during the rule of King Henry VIII in the mid-1500s. This royal stair lift operated by a block and tackle system that was powered by manual labor.

In 1923 the first modern stair lift was invented in the United States of America.

Today, Hoveround offers several lift solutions to enhance the safety of your home and maintain your personal mobility.

All HOVERGlide stair lifts come standard with two IR remote controls to give you the security that your stair lift is always at your beck and call so you never have to be stranded at either end of your stairs. The HOVERGlide has built-in safety features and operating the stair lift is simple and intuitive. And HOVERGlide stair lifts even run during power outages.

HOVERGlide stair lifts can offer you and your loved ones immediate peace of mind by removing the danger when facing the stairs in your own home. Individual needs and circumstances should be considered during your decision process and Hoveround offers free consultation to help you maintain your mobility independence.