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Portable Ramps Make Vacations More Accessible

December 22, 2012

Portable wheelchair ramps can extend the accessibility of power chairs within different situations and in various locations. Travel ramps (sometimes referred to as folding ramps, or suitcase ramps) can be especially useful on vacation. For even though many destinations may have permanently-installed ramps on premises, not all vacation spots are fully wheelchair accessible.

Temporary wheelchair ramps may be one way to help solve that problem.
Whether driving an SUV, taking a cruise, lodging in a vacation rental or staying at a relative's home, the power chair user who brings a portable travel ramp along can expect to experience expanded access to more places.

Some of the benefits specific to owning a folding, temporary wheelchair ramp are listed below.


Portable Wheelchair Ramps on The Road


Air or Sea Travel with Foldable Suitcase Ramps

  • Lightweight and convenient, ramp folds in half, similar to a suitcase  
  • May be carried aboard ship, or securely checked with other baggage1


Power Chair Ramps for Accessing Lodgings

  • Safely navigate across raised landings and entryway steps
  • Maneuver over doorway thresholds with security and confidence


Travel Ramps for Excursions and Outings

  • Have handles so they're easy to carry for use almost anywhere2
  • Easy to set up and easy to remove - folding ramps require no installation

Hoveround offers durable, safe, weather and slip-resistant aluminum ramps in various heights, lengths and size configurations. Find out how to select a portable ramp that's most appropriate for use around the home, on vacation, or wherever additional access is needed.

Or call, toll-free 1-800-308-9295 to speak with one of our Mobility Specialists.   If you already know which ramp is best for you, you can purchase ramps online now!


1 Airplane and cruise ship transportation of portable ramps depends on several factors, including ramp size and weight. Contact the airline, cruise line, or a travel agent for details on other restrictions which may apply.
2 Handles may not be available for all models of portable ramps. See specifications on individual ramps

This article is general in nature and intended for informational purposes only.

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