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Power Wheelchair Checklist: Weekly Maintenance

June 19, 2012

For routine power wheelchair maintenance, a weekly checklist can be a handy tool.

In addition to daily cleaning and preventive power chair maintenance, careful weekly inspections are usually enough to identify if any equipment is in need of service.

If, while performing daily or weekly maintenance on a Hoveround power chair, there are clear signs of damage, the seat belt does not latch or stay latched, or the chair is not working correctly, contact 1-800-96-HOVER immediately. Mobility technicians are available and can service and repair most chairs during an in-home service call.1

Important Safety Note

Make certain the power wheelchair batteries are disconnected before checking or handling any moveable parts. For additional instructions on safe maintenance routines, refer to the power wheelchair Owner's Manual.

In the meantime follow the maintenance checklist below:

MPV Power Chair

Drive Tires, Caster Wheels
Check for cracks, punctures, and excessive wear and tear
Check that caster wheels pivot and rotate freely
Check the air pressure and adjust as needed2

Check manual break releases
Release each brake separately to ensure that each disables the drive when released

Joystick, seat, armrests
Check that the rubber boot around joystick is intact
Check that each armrest bolts are tight
Check that all swivel seat screws are tight  and that the lock engages (on MPV5 model)

Electrical Connectors
Check all charger cords and connectors for loose connections, damaged cables or signs of electrical damage

Clean power wheelchair
Keep all areas of power chair clean.  Read next article in series on how to properly clean your power chair

By keeping your power wheelchair well-maintained, you are helping to reduce the need for major repairs. If you have any questions about the recommended maintenance, please contact Hoveround at 800-96-HOVER.


1Repair times may vary, depending on various factors. Call for details.
2Refer to owner's manual for specifics on air pressure levels for particular power wheelchair drive tires.

This article is for informational purposes only.

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