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Top 10 Power Wheelchair Accessories - Part 2

July 20, 2011

Whether to add safety, increase accessibility, or to have a replacement part on hand "just in case," power wheelchair accessories help complete the power mobility experience.

This is the second part of a two-part article. Please read 10 Most Popular Power Wheelchair Accessories: Part One to learn about five more accessories within this top ten list.

The time a loved one spends in his or her power wheelchair should be as safe and as effortless as possible. The five power chair accessories listed below can enhance improved mobility with convenience, dependability, and style.

power chair power seat lift     Hoveround Replacement Battery     Orange Safety Flag

Optional Power Wheelchair Accessories (Part Two)

6. Power Seat Lift1: Height adjustment can be a crucial component of power wheelchair accessibility. When the seat is raised just a few inches, a power chair user's reach is extended and access is improved. A high quality power seat lift controlled through the power chair joystick is worth considering because it can make lift operation much more convenient for the user.

Yellow Ball Knob Controller

7. Electric Wheelchair Joystick Ball KnobMany power wheelchair users need the added ease of a soft and rounded controller. Others might like the joystick to be different and just a little fun.  In either case, spongy yellow ball knob controllers feel good to the touch and may simplify power chair maneuverability for loved ones who experience pain or weakness in their hands.

8. Orange Flag: Here's a simple way to make sure loved ones are more visible while out and about in their power wheelchair. With its bright orange color and high visibility length, an electric wheelchair flag is extremely practical in heavily-trafficked areas.2 Our flags are made of weather-resistant vinyl for durability and are very easy to attach and remove as needed.

Power Chair Replacement Tires

9. Spare Power Wheelchair Tires: Don't wait until a loved one's existing power chair tires are completely worn down to purchase replacements. A spare, flat-free power chair wheel that never needs air is an excellent choice for keeping a loved one mobile. This is just one of the many accessories a power wheelchair user should never be without.

10. Power Chair Replacement Battery and Portable Battery Charger: Two smart power chair accessories that go perfectly together-- replacement batteries and portable chargers. The best way to ensure compatibility and uninterrupted mobility is to purchase the power wheelchair battery, battery charger and power chair from the same manufacturer.

Accessories for electric wheelchairs - and power scooters -include everything from the items featured here to foldable ramps, portable equipment holders, handy baskets and protective covers. Any of these options are sure to complement a loved one's mobility with expanded functionality.

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1Power seat lift must be ordered at time of power chair purchase.
2A flag does not guarantee safety and is only intended to increase visibility.  Always use caution when operating your power wheelchair, and obey all traffic and pedestrian laws in your area. 

This article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a mobility professional.

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