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Power Wheelchair Accessories for Enhanced Mobility

December 10, 2012

There is no denying that a power chair accessory can bring more comfort and convenience to the power mobility experience. Accessories can help users perform activities of daily living, as well as enhance the look and feel of their power chair.

There are an assortment of power wheelchair accessories to choose from. Some must be ordered at the same time the electric wheelchair is purchased, while other items can be obtained separately at a future date. But all have the potential to increase comfort and vastly improve rider safety.


Power Seat Lift1

Power Seat Lift Accessory

A power seat lift adjusts the height of a power wheelchair and gives the power chair user easier access to out-of-reach counter tops or upper shelves. Operated through the chair's joystick, this power chair accessory  maximizes the convenience of independent power mobility, gently and safely.

Oxygen Tank Carriers

Oxygen tank holders offer a convenient way to keep transportable oxygen cylinders within immediate reach of a power wheelchair. Oxygen tank carriers mount securely onto the back of the power chair and are designed to accommodate most standard-sized round or square portable tanks.

Crutch, Cane and Walker Holders

Anyone who uses a cane, crutch or walker for supplemental mobility will appreciate the added security of always having their extra device nearby. Besides easing the transition in and out of a power chair, crutch, cane and walker holders provide convenient storage for these essential mobility aids, anytime and anywhere.

Tray Tables

Tray Table

For those times when a sturdy, flat surface is needed, and a regular table top is unavailable, an easy-to-attach tray table may be the ideal solution. A removable wheelchair tray can be a handy accessory for writing, reading, or for simply enjoying a light snack from the comfort of a power wheelchair, without having to reach or lean over.

Power Chair Accessories For Every Need

Power wheelchairs can play an essential role in the everyday life of people seeking expanded mobility. The right power chair accessory can be outfitted for just about anyone's chair to create the personalized comfort for just about every need.

Other optional accessories for power wheelchairs include back packs, wheelchair ramps, foam ball knob controls, safety flags, beverage cup holders and tote bags. Learn more about Hoveround's power wheelchair accessories and discover how an essential accessory can improve the convenience and functionality of power mobility.


1 Power seat lift must be ordered at time of Hoveround power chair purchase.

This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult with a licensed medical professional for individualized mobility accessory options. 

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