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Power Chair Totes & Backpacks: 2 Handy Accessories

July 06, 2012

A compact side tote bag or a roomy backpack adds style and practicality to powered mobility.

And, for anyone who uses a power wheelchair on a daily basis, having easy access to necessary items provides even greater independence.

Tastefully emblazoned with the Hoveround logo, these canvas power chair bags make excellent accessories.

Power Chair Tote Bags for On-the-Go Convenience

Handy tote bags from Hoveround

Think about being mobile all day and experiencing the freedom of a power wheelchair. Now, imagine pausingHandy tote bags from Hoveround to read a magazine, make a call, take medicine, or enjoy a prepared snack. With a side tote bag, it’s all possible.

  • Tote bag attaches to the power chair armrest so it's always within reach
  • Provides enough room for a variety of items
    • (cell phone, medications, keys)
  • Spring-loaded to open and close effortlessly, keeping everything secured 
  • Stylishly constructed from reinforced canvas for long-lasting durability

Carry-All Power Wheelchair Backpacks

For those times when a power chair user needs a little extra carrying capacity, a wheelchair backpack gets the job done. Simply load necessities into the backpack (a small air pump for pneumatic tires; a portable battery charger; a protective power chair cover) and there they’ll remain, until they're needed.

Backpacks from Hoveround
  • Our wheelchair backpack is spacious enough to store even more essential items
  • Large, dual-side entry compartments allow quick access to all that's inside
  • Adjustable, buckled straps offer secure, 'out-of-the-way' rear mounting
  • Stylishly constructed from reinforced canvas for long-lasting durability

To discover just how simple it can be to get the perfect power chair accessory for enhanced mobility, contact a mobility specialist today, or purchase online.

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