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Electronic Joystick Controllers For Power Wheelchairs

April 16, 2012

The joystick controller helps to simplify the use of motorized wheelchairs for many mobility impaired people.

Electronic Controls for Power Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs are operated through easy-to-use electronic controls. Hoveround's joystick controllers are easily adjusted to suit the specific driving needs of each individual user.

showing the charging port of the controller

In general, the power chair controller: showing the charging port of the controller 

  • turns the power wheelchair motor on and off
  • displays battery strength with an indicator light
  • controls the mobility chair's direction, speed and braking1
  • houses the power chair's charging port 
  • operates the horn

Joystick controllers make independent power chair operation much easier for mobility impaired individuals. With this innovative technology, many people are able to keep doing many of the things they've always enjoyed, without requiring the constant assistance of another person.

Options in Power Chair Joystick Controllers

Teknique Standard Power Chair Gimbal Joystick    Basic Joystick Control    Yellow Ball Knob Motorized Mobility Chair Controls

The conventional power wheelchair joystick mounts onto the end of the power chair armrest. A joystick is one of the most frequently-used control devices.2 However, not everyone who uses a power chair can comfortably use a standard joystick. For those individuals, Hoveround offers an attachable round ball knob accessory for the electric wheelchair controller.

The yellow ball joystick knob is spongy and soft to the touch. A physician may prescribe a ball knob as part of the power wheelchair order to aid patients who have limited range of motion in their hands. The ball knob is easy to attach and easy to detach, making it even more convenient and simple to use.

Call 1-800-308-9295 and find out how to get one of these comfortable and easy-to-use yellow ball attachments. 

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1Hoveround power wheelchairs also come equipped with manual braking and release levers. The chairs can then be pushed by an individual, such as a caregiver, without using battery power.
2Other controller options may include straight bar gimbal, trackball, small ball, sip & puff, voice or head-chin activated and other alternative input devices to accommodate a range of user limitations.

This article is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.

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