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Stair Lift Questions

At Hoveround, we understand how important it is to remain safely in the home you know and love.  With one of our HoverGlide® family of stair lifts, you will be able to safely go up and down your stairs again and enjoy all of your home.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-308-5002.

FAQs (25 questions)

Are stair lifts safe?

Yes, stair lifts have been around for many years and have proven to be safe when installed by a qualified and trained professional. There really is no safer way to travel up and down your staircase than with a stair lift....

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What are my other options?

Common solutions to avoid investing in a stair lift include moving to a single level home or to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Installing a stair lift, in most circumstances, is the most inexpensive and cost effective solution....

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Are stair lifts expensive?

A stair lift may be less expensive than you think. When compared to the alternatives of having to sell your home, moving, or remodeling, investing in a stair lift for your home is a very economical alternative....

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When do I need a stair lift?

Each person is different, but when you feel that getting up or down a flight of stairs is a struggle or unsafe, it may be time to consider investing in a stair lift....

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How do I choose the right stair lift?

Each home is unique, which is why we offer a free in-home assessment* to help you determine which stair lift will best meet your needs. *Certain restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Call for details. ...

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Are my stairs suitable?

Our stair lifts are exceptionally versatile and designed to fit into virtually any home. All of our models can be installed on either side of the staircase, and are designed for both standard and narrow staircases. Our broad selection of models can a...

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Can I take the arms off of the stair lift to make the seat wider?

No, the arms are an integral part of the stair lift used for safety and support. We do offer heavy-duty stair lifts with a larger seat and higher weight capacity....

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Can I stand on the footrest instead of sitting on the seat?

No, the footrest on the stair lift is not intended to take the weight of the user, nor is it safe to ride the lift in a standing position. Always use your stair lift according to directions as outlined in your owner’s manual....

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How much weight can a stair lift hold?

We have a variety of stair lifts available that can support weights up to 600 lbs....

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What are the safety features on a stair lift?

Key safety features on our line of stair lifts include a seat belt, obstruction sensors on the foot rest & carriage, seat sensors that ensure the unit is in the locked and riding position before operating, and constant pressure controls which sto...

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