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Service and Support

Hoveround can repair your power chair in your own homeWe have compiled a list of commonly asked questions from our customers and we hope you find them useful. You can also find PDFs of our owner's manuals and product specification sheets online.

If you do not find the information you are seeking or have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our technical support specialists at 1-800-96-HOVER.

FAQs (18 questions)

What should I do after I try troubleshooting and my Hoveround power chair needs to be serviced?

If you have tried all of the tips in the owners manual and your power chair is still not working then call our Technical Support Department at 1-800-96-HOVER (1-800-964-6837)....

Category: Service and Support

How can I tell if my fuse is blown on my Hoveround power chair?

If your Hoveround will not turn on when the battery charger is connected and the power chair is turned on, the fuse may likely be blown.  Please call our service department at 800-96-HOVER (46837) for assistance....

Category: Service and Support

How do I replace the batteries on my MPV4 or MPV5 power wheelchair?

You can download the following instructions on how to replace the batteries in your Hoveround power chair. Replacing Battery Instructions MPV4 and MPV5 with a serial number lower than 5800000 MPV5 with serial number greater than&nb...

Category: Service and Support

Does my insurance pay for accessories such as cup holders and side bags?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover the cost of any accessories unless they are deemed medically necessary by the insurer.  Hoveround does sell an array of power chair accessories and you can review them online nd place an order...

Category: Service and Support

Why doesn't insurance pay for ramps, vehicle lifts, and stair lifts?

Most insurance companies will not cover items that are not considered a medical device.  Hoveround understands that these items might be necessary for you to remain independent inside and outside your home.  We can assist you with making th...

Category: Service and Support

Does Hoveround send a technician out to my house every time a service issue arises?

For services that require the skills of a factory trained technician, Hoveround will dispatch a technician to your home.  On service orders that are simple installations, Hoveround will ship parts to you with step-by-step instructions and all to...

Category: Service and Support

Do you have local repair shops that can fix my Hoveround equipment?

For services that require a factory-trained service technician, there is no need to worry.  Hoveround has warehouses and fully-stocked service vans throughout most of the United States that can assist with repairs right in your own home. &n...

Category: Service and Support

Does Hoveround provide a loaner chair while I am waiting to get my current chair repaired?

Hoveround does offer free temporary equipment if we are not able to repair your power chair, but some restrictions do apply.1 1 Free temporary replacement equipment applies to factory mechanical defects only. Restrictions apply...

Category: Service and Support

How long is the warranty on my Hoveround power chair?

Hoveround warrants out power chairs to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year.* Hoveround warrants batteries to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 6 months. You may view the...

Category: Service and Support

There are flashing lights on my controller and the power chair won't move. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Many times a brake lever reset can resolve this issue that is preventing the PWC from operating.  MPV5 – The brake levers are located on the front of the Power Wheel Chair just above the footplate. To reset the brakes on the MPV5 Power ...

Category: Service and Support

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