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Other power wheelchairs I’ve seen use solid tires, why does Hoveround use inflatable front drive tires on their chairs? How much is the PSI and how often should I check them? What happens when I get a flat drive tire? Do you sell solid, flat-free wheels?
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Hoveround power wheelchairs come standard with front pneumatic drive tires, or “inflatable tires”, for the same reason that modern vehicles use similar tires: Comfort.

Pneumatic tires provide our clients with the highest level of comfort from bumps to jarring debris that solid, flat-free tires cannot provide.

Just as you would check your vehicle tires before every trip, you should be doing the same for the front drive tires on your Hoveround power chair. Examine the treads for excessive wear and possible damaging debris.

Once per week, the tire pressure should be checked to make sure they are properly inflated to 45-50 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Never operate your Hoveround on a flat drive tire.

If at any time your front drive tires need servicing, please contact the Hoveround Technical Support team at 1-800-96-HOVER (1-800-964-6837).

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