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What does MPV mean?
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Hoveround’s most popular power chair is the MPV5, but did you know that the MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle?

The MPV5 wheelchair is designed for the purpose of indoor and outdoor use with the utmost comfort and maneuverability provided to the user. Utilizing Hoveround’s unique Round for a Reason® design the MPV5 equals true mobility for people by giving the rider the most spacious seating area while using the smallest footprint possible – this allows access to tight spaces and narrow corners that other designs can’t accommodate (see our comparison chart of Power Chairs vs. Scooters for more information).

Hoveround has worked hard for 25 years to provide a power chair that allows you to go many places where you used to walk and the MPV5, multi-purpose vehicle power chair is our most maneuverable design available. If you’re looking to maintain your independence, or age in place, your next step is as simple as picking up the phone to call 1-800-542-7236 for a FREE mobility consultation, sending us an email at info@hoveround.com, or filling out our online form to get all the information you need and to GET STARTED TODAY.

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