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5 ways to bring more gratitude into your life

March 03, 2015

5 ways to bring more gratitude
Do you give thanks daily for the blessings in your life? With these 5 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life, you can make some and easy changes to help you feel thankful for the little things all year long!

At Hoveround, we give thanks, too!

5 Ways to Bring More Gratitude into Your Life

1. Become a Seeker of Good
Some may call it looking at the glass as half full or finding the silver lining, but really, it’s all about keeping your eyes peeled for all the good things happening around you! And there are plenty. Annoyed at the cashier who is taking forever and making the line move ever so slowly? A Seeker of Good would relish actually being on the other side of the line, instead of at work dealing with grumpy customers (and then remember to be extra nice to the cashier!). When you start seeking out the good in every situation, soon that’s all you’ll see. 

2. Don’t forget your Bedtime Thanks
You may have heard of kids saying bedtime prayers; you may have even done so yourself. But in today’s adult hustle-and-bustle world, your thoughts when your head hits the pillow after you turn out the lights probably zoom from frustration to items from your never-ending to-do lists to the million other things scrambling through your brain at any given moment. So this is the perfect time to slow down, shut all those other thoughts off and focus on saying your bedtime thanks! Mentally go through your day and acknowledge all the good things that happened and all the things you have to be thankful for. Make this a part of your nightly routine and this new list will be never-ending (and you’ll probably get better sleep, too!).

(We're thankful to be able improve quality of life and family time with the kids and grandkids for those who thought they were limited to the couch or dining room chair.)

3. Pick a “Pay it Forward Day”
When’s the last time you paid it forward? Paid for the food for the car behind you in the fast-food lunch rush? Gave someone an opportunity they otherwise would never receive? Doing good deeds for others -- while expecting nothing in return -- has many positive benefits. It makes you a grateful person. Choose one day a week as your “Pay it Forward Day,” and think about the many ways can help others!

4. Write thank you cards
You probably wrote out thank you cards for your graduation, wedding and baby showers -- but what about when your neighbor kept an eye on your home while you were away? Keep a stack of beautiful paper thank you cards (and envelopes) on hand at all times so you can write one out as soon as the need arises (or at least write a letter if you don’t have a card). Why? Writing thank you notes has become a lost art; by reclaiming it, you’ll find a new appreciation for all the kindnesses you’ve received -- and you’ll make someone’s day, since actual handwritten anything makes people feel special.

We definitely felt special at Hoveround when we received these awesome thank you notes!

5. Smile.
Yep, that’s it. Pretty simple! Positive energy is contagious and if you make an effort to smile even if you’re not feeling it, those around you will respond positively. Then, you’ll absorb the good feeling that you’re spreading. On the flip side, if you’re frowning constantly, it’s likely that those around you aren’t quite so chipper, either. And that means you’re surrounded by people focusing on the negative things. Who would you rather be around?

At Hoveround, we’re humbly grateful to be able to provide freedom and independence for those who experience mobility issues. Call Hoveround today at (800) 542-7236 to find out how you can regain your freedom!


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