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Sudden Loss of Mobility in Eldery Parents

Caregivers- take note of these physical signs of mobility loss in your loved one.
stay healthy with these 6 tips to manage type 2 diabetes

6 Tips to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Learn how to use diet and exercise to help manage your type 2 diabetes.
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Power Chair Totes & Backpacks: 2 Handy Accessories

Power wheelchair tote bags and rear-mounted backpacks conveniently carry personal items all day, every day.
Chest strap accessory for a power wheelchair

Power Wheelchair Positioning Aids

In this article we outline the many different types of wheelchair positioning aids that we offer. 

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How To Get a Replacement Hoveround After 5 Years

Find out the reasons why you should get a replacement Hoveround powerchair after five years, and how Medicare may cover part of the cost.
An infographic that explains the cost savings of a Hoveround or a hospital stay

Infographic: Cost of Hoveround vs Hospital Stay

We know how expensive it is to stay in the hospital for even one night. This infographic reveals a hospital vs. Hoveround cost analysis.
Coach Sonny with his trophies and his Hoveround

Coach Sonny Teaches Kids More Than Just Football

Coach Sonny teaches kids more than just football. Read his motivating story!
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A Letter to Hoveround from Chuck Gleason

Read this touching letter Chuck Gleason wrote to Hoveround after he got his power chair.
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How a Stair Lift Can Help You Remain Aging in Place

Retain your mobility in your own home despite medical conditions or difficulty going up the stairs by installing a Hoveround Stair Lift.