Bathing Tips for Caregivers

With the following tips, caregivers can turn assisted bathing into a more relaxing and pleasant experience.

Care Giving Tips: What to Do After a Fall

Despite a caregiver's best efforts, falls can still happen. Learn what to do after a fall.

Power Wheelchair Weekly Maintenance Checklist

Conduct a weekly status check of your power wheelchair to help you stay mobile.

Bath Lifts: Guidelines for Safer, Easy Use

Follow these easy tips for the safe use of a bathtub lift.

5 Benefits of a Bath Seat Lift

Learn about the many benefits provided by a battery-powered HOVERLIFT for baths.

Learn More About Front-Wheel Power Wheelchairs

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Mobility Consultation: Preparing for the Call

Before calling Hoveround for a no-obligation mobility consultation, prepare in advance with these few, simple tips.

Electronic Joystick Controllers For Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchair speed and direction is controlled through a computerized controller.

Power Chair Wheel Options

Tires on power chairs may be filled with air, foam, rubber or some other semi-solid insert. Learn more about these various wheel options.