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How Mobility Loss Emotionally Impacts the Elderly

Mobility loss may lead to depression and social isolation. Can a power mobility device be the solution?
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How to Recognize Signs of Mobility Loss

Caregivers need to intervene when mobility loss occurs. Here's what to look for.
The price of a senior scooter like this one can vary widely

Senior Scooters: How Much Does a Mobility Scooter Cost?

Mobility scooters at prices you can afford. Shop Hoveround for a wide varety of scooters and buy online now.
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Captain's Seats + Motorized Scooters = Luxurious Mobility!

Combining style & comfort, Captain's Seats on motorized scooters provide extra support while enhancing mobility.
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Bus & Train Rules for Safer Power Chair Transport

Learn the rules that apply to bringing a power chair or scooter on public transit and expand your mobility!
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Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Motorized Scooters

Keep your mobility by keeping your power scooter well-maintained.
A typical charger for a power wheelchair

Troubleshooting Power Mobility Battery Chargers

How to safely and successfully troubleshoot a battery charger for your power wheelchair or mobility scooter.
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Mobility Scooters & Low-Power Battery Problems

Low power battery problems with your motorized scooter? Read here for insight.
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5 Essential Tips for Safe Battery Charger Use

Here are five tips that explain how to use a battery charger safely and effectively.